Pressures of a Transitioner: Just Cut It Off!
Pressures of a Transitioner: Just Cut It Off!
by Bennii Blast of The Culture Pine

It is now over a year since you announced to the world your decision
to stop relaxing your crowning glory, and got stuck right into your
journey transitioning. During that time you have been inundated with
questions and curiousness about your flourishing mane, which you are
more than happy to answer of course, but there is just that one question
that works a nerve in you;

‘What are you waiting for…why don’t you just go and chop it off?’

me tell you why I’m personally not too fond of this question. When I
started my hair journey, my goal wasn’t solely to be natural, but first
and foremost to stop using relaxers and grow healthy hair (if that makes
sense). Relaxers were stirring up all kinds of havoc, and so I decided
that I needed to let them go in order to relieve me of problems such as;
a terribly irritated scalp and damaged hair. I was concerned with
health reasons and the aesthetics of natural hair were to be a bonus. As
far as I know, I have achieved that goal – a healthier head of hair and
no use of a relaxer. So, why does it bother you that I haven’t given my
ends the final chop?

Now for me, the question above seems to
devalue my achievement. It ignores the purpose of my journey and
prioritises ‘the’ look instead of the improvement in health. It puts
pressure on the person transitioning to take their journey to a place
they are not yet ready to explore, and gives the impression that it’s
better to hold that ‘all natural’ status. Pourquoi? Bragging rights?
Maybe if I was doing this as some sort of fashion statement it would
appeal to me but, the reality is; I‘m not. I am not in a hurry to claim
natural status, as that is not the purpose of my journey.

It can
become somewhat annoying when those around you place this kind of
pressure, when the fact is; many transitioners may also use this period
of time to mentally prepare themselves for cutting their hair – hence
their decision to transition as opposed to taking the big chop route in
the first place.

Everyone’s journey is different – such a
simple concept, yet so easily forgotten. Transitioning is NOT a
competition, so don’t ever feel the need to measure the length of your
journey to the next person. If you are feeling the impact the pressure
from others is starting to have, make yourself a list with the headings:
‘Reasons to Chop’ and ‘Reasons to Wait’ before you make any sudden

After all…who wants to end up with an ‘after’ pic that
features you crying a few rivers, matched with an expression that
screams regret?

Not me! 

Have you felt pressure to chop? Do people tell you to ‘just cut it off!’?