Boog and I have been up and at ’em since 5am, and after a not-so-unexpected hour long taxi at the State College airport (because, you know, they’re SOOO busy -__-), I found myself running through Philly International, beasting through the crowd with an umbrella stroller, in an attempt to make our connecting flight. Somehow we made it and I’m glad we did because one of the flight attendants was #teamnatural and a CN reader to boot, and asked me if I wanted to take home a bottle of wine. I was all like, ‘HYFR’ and she was all, ‘red or white, and it has a screw cap so you can get to it quick!’ All was peaceful and serene, and then we arrived:

Looks totally normal right? Just wait…theeeeere’s more! Anyway, here I sit in Chicago, home to the Afrobellas and BGLHs of the world, checking in with The CurlyNation, ’cause this-

 finally happened! *grabs tambourine*

And with that, I’ll leave y’all with this interesting ass view…

Welcome to our Chicago base camp… yeah… eccentric digs, right? That’s saying the least. Gia was DONE as soon as we hit the front door. After getting an eyeful of this–

I’m gonna have to watch her here, cause knowing my daughter, she may try to do some…’editing,’ to the art work. #GiaVanGogh


and this…
 she was all, ‘what in the entire hell, mama?!’ I shit you not, I could just about hear the Jumanji drums beating in the background.
  Meanwhile, I’m digging the scenery….

 the odes to ‘Obama’ and natural hurr…

and the chicago-style hot dogs
  So yeah, first I get a free bottle of wine from the flight attendant and CN reader, then I get to the house and it’s naked folks on the walls, and a got damn disco ball in the kitchen. Good thing I packed my party pants, ’cause it looks like it’s time to put ’em on!

                                                                           “what is that velvet?!”

 Where you at Chicago?! Let’s get it!

What is the craziest piece of deco you’ve seen in someone’s house?
Don’t be shy, lol 🙂


UPDATES- 10/21/2012

The weekend was all. the. way. live…

Grandma arrived and viewed her accommodations- ‘what in the entire hell?!’


The Motions sponsored meetup at Japonais brought out 600 gorgeous women!

There were complimentary drinks, sushi and giftbags… hair talk and entirely too much fun.

The fam roll DEEP…


 Hubby and Kappa brothers… Brandon, Anthony and Alfonso!



 The ManeSource in the house! Love her!


 the Motion’s models and celebrity stylist, Ursula Stephens!

Melissa, Jon and Luanna!

Darren, Mike and Perry (my future brother-in-law!)


and after the event… more dranks… 

Shots with Daddy? Priceless. 

w/ my creative consultant Dr. Anderson, aka Jon-Jon!

turned up…


cab ride shenanigans…

#secretlifeofnikki it’s easier for me to see out of one eye when I’m ‘tipsy’…


 but where it at, tho?

 that would be ‘scotchy scotch scotch’ in a champagne flute… so classy…

and later still… ‘feed my face’

Nikki: *serious face* What is this? Shredded pickle?! Why?! I don’t like this.
Jon: Yeah, they call it relish. 
Nikki: I love relish, tho. 

The party was elusive… but we finally lasso’ed her around 2am!

Hope your weekend was just as cray!
On the way back home today… thanks Chicago! Be back sooooon 🙂
Later Gators,


What I wore–

Blouse- gifted from ROMWE
Skirt- gifted from ROMWE
Blazer- gifted from ROMWE
Booties and Tights- Express 
Hair- 4 day old wash and go!