Kameela writes:

Hey Nikki! You featured my story on June 14th and it got a windstorm of comments, lol! Well, guess what?! After 22 months, the transition is no more! *Insert Happy Dance, Wiggling toes in glee*. I just wanted to give your readers an update. In August 2012, I finally rid myself of those relaxed ends. I’ve been completely natural for three months now, and I absolutely LOVE it. After a recent snip of about 2 ½ inches, my hair is about jaw length shrunken, and a little past shoulder length stretched. It is the healthiest it’s ever been, and has so much sheen, body, and bounce! I want to encourage all the long term transitioners to keep going.  Keep pushing! The payoff is well worth the struggle. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. Stay encouraged ladies!

Where the long term transitioners at?! Check in below!