by NikG of BeadsBraidsBeyond
Another updo! I know you’re probably sick of them at this point but we have been loving them! Miss A thinks she’s Princess Tiana! (hmm, possible Halloween costume?) I know how hard it is to find natural flower girl hair styles or special occasion hairstyles done on children’s natural hair so I’m going to try my best to showcase styles fit for the occasion. 
Let’s begin with instructions, shall we?
Miss A’s hair was already moisturized and stretched from her previous bantu knot-out. I parted a half moon shape on the top middle section of her hair and tied it off. I started by parting a curved section near her left ear for the first cornrow. I added a little Bee Mine Curly Butter (use discount code HOT12BBB for 10% of your Bee Mine Products purchase!) to the section and braided. If you don’t know how to cornrow you can do a simple two strand flat twist or check out our Cornrowing for Beginners post. I used a rubber-band to secure the cornrow once I got to the end and left the remaining hair out. I only wrapped the rubber-band about 3 times, just enough to secure the cornrow but not tight enough to cause breakage.
I continued beginning my parts at the nape of her neck, slightly curving each part and cornrowing until I reached the other side.
I banded all of the loose hair into three separate banded sections and had her sleep with a sleeping cap overnight. Not sure what banding is? No problem, check out our Banding F.A.Q. post.
The next morning I removed the banded and created three large two strand twists with the top section of loose hair. I played with the twists for a few minutes to see how I wanted the up-do to look. I wrapped the left twist around to the right side and secured with a bobby pin then I wrapped the right twist to the left side and secured. I decided to do a twisted cinnabun with the last twist. As you can see I made it sit on her forehead a bit for a side swoop effect.
To bring the entire flower girl look together I had her put on an old dress and placed a single flower clip bought from Claire’s on the side of her up-do. See below for more pictures!
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