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Curly Nikki

Going HAM.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Going HAM.

Is it ignorant that I’m currently engaging in pre-Thanksigivng dinner?

Yesterday, Hubby, for reasons still unknown, was snacking on overly ripe pineapple slices, which of course made me crave… ham, duh.  THEN, in preparation for date night, we dropped the Boogie off at Crystal’s who just so happened to be cooking, yup, you guessed it, ham.

So with porky decliousness on the mind, and having fallen completely off the wagon, I found myself at the Honey Baked Ham Store today, requesting it by the slice (they do that!), demanding only the most heavily glazed pieces to the point to where the cashier was all, ‘would you like more ham with your glaze, boo?’.  So yeah, I plated that with some mac&cheese, and some slices of the gelatinous goodness that is jellied cranberry sauce, and now I’m enjoying a little pre-holiday fun.  It’s liberating!  Hubby judged me and resolved to wait ’til the actual holiday… COOL! More glaze ham for me!

What weekend shenanigans are you getting into? 

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