It’s cold outside y’all, and all soggy from the hurricane… not really optimal for Trick-or-Treating, especially with a 2 year old. But (1) my burning desires to be a good mommy, (2) the inevitable and irrational guilt of not doing shit (I wanna start creating traditions and things of that nature) and (3) per usual, I already ate all of the candy I was going to hand out anyway – has landed me and my little penguin at the mall. Which, in State College, is overwhelmingly expansive with its 10 stores. -__-. Oh well, I suppose when life gives you lemons, you make margaritas, or something like that, right? Time to make the best of a lame situation. Party in a box, just add me.

Most of the stores participated, passing out treats, and of course, coupons.  And with Gia’s adorable pronunciation of ‘trick or treat’, her happy feet and perfected waddle on deck, the candy was FLOWIN’. 

 Met up with Tracy and her crew… Lil’ Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Ridiculously Adorable Wolf!

 she was NOT.HAVING.IT. You can’t tell, but she’s clawing my neck.

…and now this.

Off to hunt down a glass of shiraz and watch scary movies or a Twilight Zone marathon until I fall asleep.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen The Tall Man (currently on Netflix), go… stop what you’re doing, and watch it… NOW! Forreals. Thank me later.

Anyway, Happy Halloween! Share your costumes in the comments below! 

Later Gators,

p.s. what i wore–

harem pants- gifted from ROMWE
shirt- gifted from ROMWE
Requisite combat boots and a wash & go (day 1, like still damp)