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Happy Thanksgiving! (winner announced!)

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Happy Thanksgiving! (winner announced!)
jumper- gifted from ROMWE

Hola Chicas!

I’ve got so much to be thankful for that I just… I cannot. We’d be here all day. So here’s a quick run down, or rather, updates to last year’s laundry list–

-Boogie Nicole!
-That I have time to hang out with her… teach her, read to her, love on her!
-Hubby and his love, support, wit and companionship
-My mother and her truisms and impeccable storytelling abilities
-My father and his unconditional love
-My sister for being friggin’ awesome
-Another Thanksgiving with my Grandma!!!
-All of my crazy, crazy family
-My many, many… countless blessings
-My Aunt Toney for her companionship and traveling Boogie services
-My amazing and HILARIOUS consultant Dr. Anderson
-Gaye, aka SweetDrk1, for everything she does to hold me down
-The guest bloggers who deliver those tall glasses of cold knowledge y’all be sipping on erry’day.
-Friends and cyber curlfriends and what it’s become (this ish cray)
-The ability to provide a positive platform for people to educate and inspire one another
-The opportunity for me to educate and inspire others
-My readers
-Readers who comment
-Readers who make me laugh
-Readers who I make laugh
-The internet
-Online shopping
-My president is Black

-Cheddar Biscuits!!!
-My combat boots, ‘cause they keep me fresher than a certs
-Spell check
-My MacBook Air
-Apple Care and its comprehensiveness
-Amazing and predictably good hair days>>> a direct result of this layered bob cut!
-My haters. hey boo!
-Space heaters that I aim directly at my feet
-Heating pads that I place directly on my feet
-Orange Soda
-My headphones for acting like a bungee, saving my iPhone’s life countless times
-Kanye Presents G.O.O.D. Music *singing* to the world!
-The knowledge and discipline to eat and be healthy
-Pizza, fried chicken, and funnel cake, tho!
-Red Now and Laters
-Fried Oysters
-That Season 3 of ‘Walking Dead’ is actually good…
-That there are 8 episodes of ‘Breaking Bad’ left…
-My car, which takes me to Ihop so I can eat pancakes
-My car speakers ’cause they *stay* blasting ‘4’ for me to sing along with LOUDLY and poorly
-Free wifi at the airport
-Kevin Hart’s momma, cause she made a funny little man

What are you thankful for?

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The view from Granny’s–

Happy Thanksgiving! (winner announced!)
My mother-in-law and I thumbed through Gma’s scrapbook of her 20+ year long political career

Happy Thanksgiving! (winner announced!)
Grandpa (realllly miss him) used to sip on this Kaopectate like substance every Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So in Lee family fashion, the adults, following Aunt Joan’s lead, took a shot and poured some out in remembrance of him. I took a #babyshot. #theshitsgross 

Happy Thanksgiving! (winner announced!)

the brothers– Uncle’s Barry, Bob, Bill and my dad, Karl, reminisced… they grew up in this house and this was our first Thanksgiving there in years…we’ve sort of outgrown the space, it was packed, heated, but full of laughter, love and shenanigans. 

Happy Thanksgiving! (winner announced!)Happy Thanksgiving! (winner announced!)

Happy Thanksgiving! (winner announced!)

Happy Thanksgiving! (winner announced!)

the sister-in-laws photobombed- my aunt Anita, my mom Elaine and aunts Joan and Pat

Happy Thanksgiving! (winner announced!)

Aunt Tracee and The Boog 

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