Home for the holidays and so is the ENTIRE fam, so you know we had to get it! 

For the record, apparently the only place to be on a Saturday night in St. Louis, is SoHo Restaurant and Lounge. Turnt up. All the way.

Here’s our night in pics-

#SecretLifeOfNikki I’m not truly happy unless my hair is in someone’s face… #HairInYoFace

This is who the Commodores were talking about. I know it. #BrickHouse #JustLettingItHang #BoobsInYoFace

#SecretLifeOfNikki #HairInYoFace

Syl and Harold!


Why is everyone staring so intensely into the camera? Except Harold, lol. Oh yeah, #SecretLifeofNikki #HairInYoFace

Dr. Anderson’s face is priceless! I had to post even though I look like the joker. #WhySoSerious #SecretLifeofNikki


So much class and sophistica- wait, OMG, children, close your eyes!

Near the end of the night, I cut my finger somehow and was convinced I had hepatitis C. Hubby suggested that I stop yelling that in front of the club. In sober retrospect, he was probably right. 

The Hurr…

4th day WDTM&G, see day 1, HERE
What I wore…

Jacket gifted from Romwe
Shirt gifted from Romwe

What did you get into this weekend?