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On the Couch with ‘Better Than Good Hair’

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
On the Couch with 'Better Than Good Hair'

So, I wrote a book, y’all…and it’s (appropriately) titled, ‘Better Than Good Hair,’ ‘cause we’re not only rejecting the notion of ‘good hair’, we’re showing women that their own hair is BOMB and better than good — it’s the greatest.

I’m assuming you have some questions, so I’m gonna hop on the couch real quick like and let YOU be the interviewer. *puts on fake reading glasses* *Zsa Zsa Gabor voice* I’m ready for my close up darlings!

You: So you writing books now? You and what army!? We’ve seen your subject-verb agreement, Nikki…

Well, me and 32 Candles author, Ernessa Carter, of course! There’s also actress and comedian Kim Wayans, who lends one hella funny and relatable foreword, not to mention significant contributions from your favorite natural hair experts, bloggers and Youtube sensations. Last but certainly not least, there are tons of pics, anecdotes and advice from natural hair community members like yourself, duh! Just as is more about the community than it is about me, so is the book. This is the community’s book… with the best practices, care and styling advice from different women, with different hair. There’s something for everyone.

On the Couch with 'Better Than Good Hair'

You: Why a book, boo-boo!? *whispers* You’re a blogger…

Because four years of daily posts can become overwhelming for a newbie or someone thinking about going natural. Sometimes, you want to introduce women close to you to the natural world without throwing the kitchen sink at them – even while their relaxed head is in it. There is a LOT of content out there. Even the well-seasoned natural can get lost when she’s looking for very specific information. It’s a companion piece to the blog… all the info is in one very organized place within arm’s reach. Especially the product guide for you pjs out there. Oh, and you can rest easy knowing that the book is non-sponsored. I didn’t accept any form of payment from any institution or individual, for the placement of content in the book. This is OUR BOOK, y’all.

You: Giiiirrrrl, why am I just now hearing about this?!

A couple of reasons – most of which has to do with my own psychology. This is new territory for me. I don’t sell things. I don’t tell you to buy stuff (unless it rocks). I don’t endorse shit (ad space for sale, endorsement is not). So there’s that. Also, the publishing world can be quite precarious and any time before now felt premature. This project is 2 years in the making and during this time I’ve had to pass up opportunities due to the tone, political nature, or direction. Also, just because you ‘got a deal’ doesn’t mean you’ll be published. At this point, since the release date is January 29, 2013, I’m preeeeety sure its happening, lol. I’m SUPER excited and very proud of how it came together- I know it’s a quality product, and it won’t just be filler on your bookshelf. *finds horn labeled ‘Nikki,’ toots it.* The goal was not only for it to read as an easily digestible narrative, but also as a quick reference guide. You can expect an easy and entertaining read, much in the style of the blog.

You: So what’s in it?! And why are there exclamation points after all of my questions? I’m normally much calmer than this…

It’s cause we’re excited! What’s in it? Everything from product recommendations, home hair care tips and advice on how to manage the kiddo’s head, to the pros and cons of introducing henna into your regimen, guidance on dealing with haters, length retention tips and step-by-step illustrated instructions for nearly two dozen hairdos. With indispensable information, as empowering as it is accessible, ‘Better Than Good Hair’ is a natural hair care bible that will help women of all ages, styles, and lengths achieve their natural beauty. **Imagine ‘What to Expect’ meets**

You: How can I get me one?! Should I pre-order?

YES!! With such little data on a project of this nature, the publisher’s predicting that they may rapidly sell out of hardcopies. Get yours now or you may be waiting. It seems they don’t know how many of us there are, so lets show ‘em – we’re here boo!

If anything you’ve ever seen here on CN has moved you to laughter, tears, or action, I think you’re gonna love this book! So pre-order your print copy this month. Like RIGHT NOW, ‘cause:

A. It’s on sale for the pre-order price of $10.98. The regular price is $14.99.

On the Couch with 'Better Than Good Hair'

B. Boogie wants you too! Just kidding, so serious.

Mattah-fact just click HERE or HERE  if you can’t wait! But come back! I don’t want you to miss your chance at a dope giveaway!

You: Giveaway?! Okay I’m listening.

As I mentioned earlier, I had some trepidation about how I would promote the book because I don’t think of myself as an entrepreneur or a salesman. I’m a therapist turned blogger, wife and Gia’s mom. So I began to think of it as, “How can little old me provide the most sensational launch ever and stand next to my book proudly?” The answer: Just do it like I do everything else and provide the best giveaways paired with my best content. Trust me – any amazing prizes that I can secure are coming your way. In fact, every week until the official launch date, I’ll be doing a major pre-promotion giveaway!

Here’s what you have to do-

1. pre-order a print copy of the book HERE or HERE 

2. take a picture of yourself with the proof of purchase (physical printed copy, screenshot or w/ your laptop/iPad screen) and email it to The funnier/more inspiring/crazier the better! (you don’t have to be in the pic, and make sure your important ish is blurred or cropped out!)

On the Couch with 'Better Than Good Hair'On the Couch with 'Better Than Good Hair'

Vlogger CharyJay and Antoinette of AroundTheWay Curls
… both in the book, serving up their own special brands of curly knowledge! 

3. Tweet, facebook, instagram, pin, tumblr, or somehow e-post your picture showing proof of purchase.

4. Register at

5. That’s it! Wash, rinse and repeat as much as you want. Contestants may re-enter, but each time you’ve gotta retweet/facebook/post and email me.

Every Friday, I’ll share 3 pics – 1 winner and 2 honorable mentions.

The winner will receive a brand new Nook color  and priority admittance for them and a guest to the next CN event they attend in their area -automatic RSVP, no waiting in line, and a free drink! The honorable mentions get their shine on, and of course the priority admittance (+1) to an event in their area! Make sure you order the print copy for eligibility!!!

At the end of the promotion, anyone who entered will be placed in a random drawing to win an iPad mini (with a gift receipt, WHAT?!)! I’m giving away 2! TWO!

Even if you’re not one for giveaways, your pre-order (and one for yo mama and best curlfriend, too!) is  MUCH appreciated!

Good luck! And remember I said we have to show them how many of us there are? We want this to count for something and this is how we count, so show the world just how excited you are for Better Than Good Hair!

*contestants must order the print copy of the book 
*cut off for entry is 5pm EST on Thursdays (Dec 3- Jan 24th)
*open to US/Canada
*winners will be contacted via email and have 48 hours to respond to the notification
*publicity- Except where prohibited, participation in the Giveaway constitutes each winner’s consent to use of winner’s name, likeness, photograph, voice, opinions and/or hometown and state for promotional purposes in any media, worldwide, without further payment or consideration.

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