Sarah writes:

I have not always worn my hair curly and wasn’t comfortable wearing my hair natural until about 10th grade when I decided to embrace the curls! I had my hair chemically straightened in the 9th grade and I hated it, so I decided to figure out ways to deal with the hair that I have. I was able to get my hair under control with the help of the Mixed Chicks line of products, which makes my hair look smooth and soft and eliminates frizz throughout the day. I condition my hair everyday when I shower and I just put the Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner while it’s still wet. I brush my hair out once a week and comb through my hair once in a while in the shower all at once.

Growing up and accepting my hair for what it is, has made me appreciate my unique hair that my mother blessed me with. I love when people compliment me on my hair and say “its just so Sarah.” I love that I can be spotted in a crowd, and that I have something that sets me apart for other girls :0)