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Curly Nikki

But Where Juice, Tho?

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
But Where Juice, Tho?

It’s 2 a.m. and all is finally calm, as it should be after a day of sugar induced shenanigans with pretend picnics, Gangnam inspired imaginary ‘horsey rides’, tap dancing imitations, and hilarious renditions of Jingle Bells ‘Jingle Bongs’. The world is Boogie’s stage and she’ll quickly turn her daddy’s iPad or ‘big phone’ into a makeshift one, standing on it, singing into her finger. #TurntUp  After the show is over,  she awaits applause and then dramatically places her hand on her chest,  bowing in all the cardinal directions while saying, ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’. That, plus the incessant rounds of ‘hide and go theek’… I count to ten and usually find her hiding under the high chair, grinning from ear to ear. Yesterday though, she hid in her tent and I was so proud, only for her to hide on the couch, butt in the air, face under a pillow on her next turn. *deep sigh* I cannot. When it’s her turn to seek, she only counts to 4 (homegirl can count to 11), peeks the entire time and never comes seeking ‘cause she’s scary like her mama. But I digress.

It’s 2 a.m., and out of the still, peaceful darkness, I’m awakened by a little voice- ‘mamamamamama, where waoo, tho? Three things to note here: (1) I couldn’t wait for her to call me ‘mama’ and now she yells it, no less than 10 times to get my attention, (2) waoo is water, and (3) she asks for everything in that hilarious format, serious face, shoulders hunched, ‘but where blue, tho?’ (when I forget to apply my razzle dazzle highlights).

So her dad gets up, goes to the kitchen, fills up her cup and brings it to her, to which she responds, ‘that ain’t no juice. Where juice, tho?’ He was like ‘Gia, you asked for water. Would you like some juice?’ She smiles, ‘yes’. So he heads back to the kitchen, pours out the water and brings her a cup of juice, to which she responds, face all tore up, ‘dada, that ain’t no milk, where milk, tho?‘. She waited for his response and fell out laughing, ‘Dada, that’s funny, right?’ Clearly somebody’s already got jokes. 

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