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Developing A Signature Look

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Developing A Signature Look

by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChics

Halle has her pixie cut; Brandy at one time rocked her braids. These looks were almost synonymous with these beautiful women and referred to as their signature look. How is that signature look developed? Is it by accident or by design? The key to owning a distinct style is to enhance and highlight what you already like until those things become synonymous with you. Of course a signature style isn’t for life and certainly doesn’t mean you are locked in to that look. At any time, you can switch it up to remain versatile.

1. Assess your hair
Although I do not subscribe completely to the hair typing system, I do find it useful as a general guide for assessing your mane and determining the products and tools helpful for the care of your mane. The assessment will help you determine the limits and set clear expectations for your look.

2. Determine what look you are going for or what you perceive the end goal to be
Are you going for sexy? Do you prefer a classic look? Does it need to be “corporate friendly”? Before you can develop your signature look, it is helpful if you are clear about the direction you want to go in.

3. Determine what looks good on you – the obvious right?
Sounds obvious but so many people get caught up in the look from the next naturalista without determining if the look suits their face. Your signature look should add to your beauty, not distract. It should complement you in a way that is unmistakable. Sometimes this requires a trial and error period before you get it right.

4. Own the look
Once you have your signature look, own it. The most beautiful thing about any look is not always the aesthetic but more about the way the woman owns it. The confidence in which she wears it makes all the difference.

What’s your signature style? My signature style is the bun.

Sharing hairstories and life experiences from a curl’s perspective. Find Tammy at her blog, Curlychics, on Twitter, and Facebook.

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