by Michelle Bridges of

My Instagram, Twitter and Facebook has been blowing up with naturalistas doing protective styles. So I decided that I would give it a try myself. My first attempt at Havana/ Marley twists was a fail *bows head*. But my second attempt, I CONQUERED and succeeded!

The Deets: I used Equal Marley Braid Hair from my local BSS for $5. Many have asked how I got it to look so soft. I researched and this brand was the softer of the Marley hair brands, and more easy to manage.

I also used Eco Styler Gel along with my Qhemet Twist Butter, and ElastaQP Mango Moisturizer to twist the hair.  I ended up using 4 packs, because I doubled the hair. I explain it all in my YouTube video–

The trick: I twist right over left… so that’s going to the left, lol. So at the root, I twisted the hair to the right and then proceeded to right over left. This always confuses me!  If you twist the opposite way reverse . Hope that didn’t confuse y’all! I liked this way because it looks like your real hair. I got so many questions and ALOT of people thought it was all mine! HEY NOW!  I was brave and did my cousins too!

Check out the pics of the different styles I have been rocking:

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