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Curly Nikki

“Play Your Part”- Making Fine Hair Look Bigger

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
One of the hard and fast rules in the natural hair community is to style your wet hair in the direction you want it to lay once dry.  So, if you want to rock a twist-out with a center part, you’d part your wet hair down the middle and then proceed to twist and things of that nature. 
I’ve followed this rule for years with unpredictable results that range from bomb ass hair days, to that #FredrickDouglas, to totally misshapen triangle hair.  This is due to the fact that my strands aren’t just fine, there aren’t that many of them.  Because of this, I’m often the victim of ‘flat top’… regardless of whether I routinely move my part (as recommended by stylists), or attempt styling with no part, which for me, is easier said than done.  I NEED a part to help me organize my situation, ha! 
Anyway, there’s a super simple fix.  So simple in fact, that I’ve actually forgotten to demonstrate or even mention it here!  
Yesterday I did a WDTM&G (using Curl Junkie’s Coffee Coco Cream) with a few twists up front, and allowed my hair to fully air dry.  As you can see, I’m rocking a middle part… well, it’s midde-ish (made with my finger, never straight, usually jagged or zigzagged or otherwise ratchet. Because of this, Gia’s parts usually end up just as bad… I’m working on that, but I digress…)-
"Play Your Part"- Making Fine Hair Look Bigger"Play Your Part"- Making Fine Hair Look Bigger
Not happy with that look this morning, I grabbed some hair in the front, 1-2 inches to the left of the center part, and flipped it over, hiding the part and adding volume up top-
"Play Your Part"- Making Fine Hair Look Bigger"Play Your Part"- Making Fine Hair Look Bigger

A real world example–
"Play Your Part"- Making Fine Hair Look Bigger
With Kevin Hart and friend, Eric back in September… I started with a middle part but laid that ish to the side!

"Play Your Part"- Making Fine Hair Look Bigger
I can already feel the eye rolls! Yes, yet another quintessential bathroom pic (taken back in August) and
I was obviously feeling myself, ’cause I laid that ish to the side!

That’s all folks :) 
Oh, random… the title ‘Play Your Part’, is a not-so-obvious nod to UGK/Outkast… I could barely get through this post ’cause ‘keep your heart Three Stacks, keep your heart’ was on loop in my head!  And since I got y’all back like chiroprac, here’s a Tuesday Throwback-

What tried and true natural hair tips have you strayed from with stellar results? 

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