#TypicalUs #LoveInTheClub

No words. None. But know this. I had plans to catch up on my sleep y’all. I really did. Until…Melissa called, “Let’s go out!’ ‘_’ Ok. Just an hour or two, right? Not at Geronimo, wherein every 30 minutes or so someone buys the entire bar a round of shots. Four free shots later we hit the streets hungry and loud. The quaint little restaurant we found could only quench our hunger though. Nothing could stop the loud. There were times I’m sure we were going to get put out. When we left the restaurant we did the responsible thing and finally went home to rest our minds and our bodies, except we didn’t, and I just totally made that up. Smh…everyone was out, happy, singing and dancing in the streets so of course we went to another bar… and then another… and at some point, Melissa walks over to me and was like, “we’re gonna bounce”, and me in my alcohol induced naivety asked her “Giiiirl Why?” and she showed me her cell phone. 7 am. #DEAD #recordscratch #GTFO #BabyJesusHelp  It was like that Key & Peele non-stop party sketch. We walked out and the SUN WAS OUT. That’s an abomination against God. I was with my husband and still felt like I was doing the walk of shame.

hilarious wall of quotes– to make the wall, you have to buy 15 shots 

scroll through the highlights (WARNING, some language, lol)-

curlynikki's The Ratchet album on Photobucket

shhhh…. don’t tell nobody!
free shots every 30 minutes #ShotsShotsShotsShots

helping the bartender out 

 our favorite pastime, spotting and waving to brown people on the street #WhatUpMyDude

safety first… so many folks wear masks, they make me wanna pick one up #SARS #Bronchitis #AintNoBodyGotTimeForThat
 the menu. yeah.
 chicken salad… ginger and sesame seeds… bomb.
fried ish on a stick! My fav!

 DJ played Kevin Little AND Wayne Wonder back to back and I lost it
 #TurnMeOn #NoLettingGo


                                                                                                             gettin’ it.

see dude laid out? #spent
 she was not amused 
dress- gifted from Romwe
 the walk of shame…
or rather, the slow shuffle of shame