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Toddlers Need A Regimen Too!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Toddlers Need A Regimen Too!

by Tammy Goodson of Curlychics

Just as it is important to create and maintain a regimen for yourself, it is equally as important to have one for your little one. Wearing multiple hats throughout the day, it can be somewhat of a balancing act trying to fit it all in. The way I handle my toddler’s hair may be a little unconventional for a few reasons but this is what works for me. For one, my son has long hair and I am not ready or willing to cut it and for two, it’s typically a 3 day process. In a nutshell, day 1 I remove his braids, day 2 I shampoo/condition and day 3 I lightly blow it out and rebraid.

Toddlers Need A Regimen Too!

Here’s the breakdown:

The Process – Day 1

Braid removal – This usually takes about 30 minutes.

Day 2
• Prior to shampooing, apply olive oil to soften and separate in 4 sections.
• Shampoo/Condition with Johnson’s Natural 3-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner/BodyWash. (in sections)
• Continue with his bath and adjourn to the sitting room with cartoons and a healthy snack (this is crucial!)
• Apply Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In/Detangler and styling cream of choice. (most of the time I skip the styling cream and simply use coconut oil)
• Separate hair in 10 sections (5 on each side) and braid while wet. This helps with control and stretching. (Stretching on his hair is not for length, but more so for ease of styling the next day.)
By this time, we are both ready for bed! This usually takes about 2 hours. Give or take a minute or two or twenty because you have to factor in keeping him entertained while this is all going down.

Day 3
Remove the 10 braids and blow out each section on the cool setting. Again, this is for ease of styling and sometimes I omit this step, depending on how damp his hair is from the previous day. It is much easier to detangle and part for the braiding process when it is stretched. His hair is extremely coily and thick and there is a lot of it! Whatever I can do to make the process shorter and smoother for both of us (he’s only 3), I do it.

I repeat this process every 2 weeks. #naturalkidsrock

How do you care for your toddler’s hair?

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