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I was feeling creative (and had some help from The Dr. Anderson) when it came to this post! And in the Christmas mood. o< 🙂 See my Santa hat?! We had to celebrate the holiday on the eve of its occurrence because, well… read on. And check out the view!
‘Twas the day before Christmas, and all through my hood
the Lee-Waltons were turnt up, with good drinks and good food.
We celebrated early, how I wish you were there!
So I could kick it with my curlfriends rockin’ natural hair.
The Boogie was laughing, the center of the show,
High on life and sugary candy, when she’ll sleep, no one knows.
Mama with her white hair and I, ready for a nightcap
Were smiling and getting ready for this great midnight mass.
When out in the street, there came a bright light,
It was Dr. Anderson’s high-yellow self, come to join us for the night. 🙂
Then Syl, and Perry, and lots of friends and fam,
but the highlight of the evening, was that delicious-ass ham!
Gifts all around, wrapping paper on the floor
But I have everything I ever wanted, and couldn’t ask for more.
Wait, I think Hubby rolled his eyes as I wrote that last line
“You say that s**t now,” he says, “but just give it some time.”
I smile my cute wifey smile, he knows me as sure as I know my name,
But now its time for Christmas Mass, then the bar, then straight to the plane.
I’d tell you where we’re going, but that just wouldn’t be right,
so you’ll just have to wait until we get off of this 14 hour flight!
Oh yeah…Merry Christmas to all, and to all an awesome night!
she caught a glimpse of her ‘Paw Paw’ dressing as Santa and was ‘tellin’ it’ “I SEENT IT”
a knock at the door
cool so far– ‘Paw Paw is hohoho!’
But then…Boogie telling ‘Paw Paw’ to take off the suit

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déjà vu 

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