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Curly Nikki

You Get a Nook! And You Get a Nook! And You!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Hola Chicas,

So yesterday closed out week 1 of the ‘Better Than Good Hair’ pre-order campaign.  Up for grabs was a Nook Color for the winner and priority admittance for them and a guest to the next CN event they attend in their area. The honorable mentions get their shine on, and of course the priority admittance (+1) to an event in their area.  Finally, every participant is eligible to win one of 2 iPad Minis at the end of the campaign! 

Based on the stats, you were more likely to win this giveaway than to run into Olivia Pope at a presidential side piece convention. While that may not be entirely true, your chances of getting this Nook Color are pretty fricking good! Good luck next week everybody!

After narrowing it down to 3 pics, I called The Dr. Anderson for a second pair of eyes- 
Me: Which of these do you think should win?
Jon: Oh I don’t kno- wait. Wait is that, a LIFE SIZE APPOINTMENT CARD?
Me: Thats a regular sized – no, no, you’re right.
Jon: Nikki she had to cut and paste FIVE TIMES. There are less impressive science fair projects! I could just see her at home on her living room carpet like this. She gets the Nook.

Tery’s Appointment Card
You Get a Nook! And You Get a Nook! And You!

Ambria’s Curlfriend-
“I pre-ordered my book, had to call my curlfriends and tell them to get
there’s too!”
You Get a Nook! And You Get a Nook! And You!
Amber’s White Boy-
“…educating the “others” about natural hair can be fun!” (click to enlarge)
You Get a Nook! And You Get a Nook! And You!

Thanks to everyone for your amazing and entertaining submissions!  Don’t forget to re-enter! 

If you want to (1) ensure you’re not waiting for your print copy, (2) qualify to win a Nook Color and/or an iPad mini, and (3) show your support for *curly girls everywhere*, order your copies NOW! For official rules, click HERE and get your entry in before next Thursday! 

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