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Curly Nikki

You Get a Nook! And You Get a Nook! (week 4)

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Hola Chicas,

So yesterday closed out week 4 of the ‘Better Than Good Hair‘ pre-order campaign.  Up for grabs was a Nook Color for the winner and priority admittance for them and a guest to the next CN event they attend in their area. The honorable mentions get their shine on, and of course the priority admittance (+1) to an event in their area.  Finally, every participant is eligible to win one of 2 iPad Minis (with gift receipts!) at the end of the campaign! 

The winner!
Shaela W.’s Monopoly 
“I created BTGH Monopoly because this book is groundbreaking and the first of many to follow, just like Monopoly was. Plus, all great things in entertainment get their own version of monopoly. I incorporated things that I felt would be in the book as well as a few customized tokens.
In a few years, this is what I see for the book that helped launch an empire.”
You Get a Nook! And You Get a Nook! (week 4)

Honorable Mentions!
Carine’s Game Show
You Get a Nook! And You Get a Nook! (week 4)

Cynthia D’s Resolution- 
I’m having a not-so-good hair day, so I didn’t even want to post my picture with this hair ‘don’t’! That’s why I can’t wait to get your book so I can become a hair ‘do’! Lol! 

You Get a Nook! And You Get a Nook! (week 4)

If you want to (1) ensure you’re not waiting on a re-print, (2) qualify to win a Nook Color and an iPad mini, and (3) show your support for *curly girls everywhere*, order your copies NOW! For official rules, click HERE and get your entry in before next Thursday! 

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