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Create a Hair Challenge for the New Year

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Create a Hair Challenge for the New Year

No buy Challenge

Being in the middle of a recession there is no time like the present to start pinching some pennies and putting money away in the emergency fund. If you struggle with spending too much on hair care products because you buy impulsively then this year your resolution should be a no buy one. Stick to the challenge then when it is done amaze yourself by seeing how much money you have saved. For you to notice a difference in your spending you need to stick with this challenge for at least six months.

The Challenge:

  1. Create a list of holy grail products to use for the six months
  2. Choose one HG product per category
  3. Repurchase only your HG products as needed, do not purchase any other products that are not on your HG list

The stick to it challenge

At some point in time most of us have been guilty of hopping on and off natural haired bandwagons. With each new product, accessory or method we did a complete overhaul of our routines to fit them in. The problem with this is that due to our ever changing routine we have no fixed regimen, we do not know what our hair likes or dislikes and we can not even determine the products that our hair responds to. If you are that curly who can’t seem to figure it all out then this challenge from CurlTalk user ss40 is perfect for you. It involves creating a regimen then sticking to it for at least two months. After the two months you are allowed to replace one product or change one part of your routine each month then reassess your hair to determine whether or not the product or routine change is right for your hair. At the end of the year you should have created or at least come close to creating the perfect routine for you.

The Challenge

  1. Create a regimen
  2. Stick with it for at least two months
  3. After two months you can replace one product or change one part of your routine each month
  4. Reassess your hair to determine whether or not the change is right for your hair

Protective Style Challenge

If you vowed to retain more length this year and improve the health of your hair then maybe its time to consider tucking it away for a while and keeping your ends off of your clothes and protected from the harsh winter. For this challenge it is imperative that you do your research on protective hairstyles that you like from CurlTalk and YouTube. This will enable you to switch it up when you get bored and stick with your challenge. Also know your hair and which protective style will work best for it. For example some curlies can not bun for too long because it thins their edges whilst others can’t wear twists and braids for an extended period because of itchy scalps. Remember to continue to take care of your hair whilst it is in a protective style. For some, out of sight means out of mind but in order to retain length and ensure the health of your hair you need to continue to take care of it. So remember to let your hair down every so often to remoisturize and cleanse.

The Challenge

  1. Research protective styles on CurlTalk or YouTube
  2. Know your hair and which style will work best
  3. Wear a protective style!
  4. Let hair down every so often to remoisturize and cleanse

Ayurveda challenge

If you spent last year taking care of everyone else in your life then make this year your year and spend some much needed time focusing on bettering yourself- more specifically your hair. Take time out for yourself each week to pamper your hair with an ayurvedic treatment. Finding the right treatments for yourself is easy and is based on the needs of your hair. Henna and cassia both provide shine and strength whilst amla is used to promote curl definition. Also there are many herbs that can be used to create spritzes for the hair. So do your research and make a concerted effort this year to make your hair the best it has ever been.

The Challenge

  1. Research and find the best ayurvedic treatment for you
  2. Once a week make time for an ayurvedic treatment
  3. Experiment to find what works best for you: henna, cassia, amla or a variety of different herbs

No cut challenge

If you are looking for length this year then it may be time to back away from the scissors and get a family member or friend to hide them from you. Some of us, including myself, are obsessed with having perfect ends and constantly trim them which means that we do not retain as much length as we should. This may be fine for some but if your vow is to reach a hair length goal this year then try for as long as you possibly can to go without a trim. Once your challenge is over you will be amazed at just how much length you have retained.

The Challenge

  • Go as long as you can without a trim

This year do not cheat yourself of an opportunity to better your hair so whatever challenge you choose stick to it. As always remember to have love, peace and curly haired bliss.

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