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Curly Nikki

Fros Before Clothes

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
So I know I was ‘all turnt up’ in Tokyo y’all, but between that and all my childish comments about their surgical mask culture…I got bronchitis. Ok, I’m lying – I got a cold, but it was a nasty one. And then Gia got it. And then Hubby got it. How I managed to be put out of commission yet Gia was able to keep going full steam ahead, I’ll never know. At least Hubby deserves an applause for resisting the urge to be on some, “I told you so,” ish. I can see it now…*harp plays, fade to blurry flashback scene* “Please bundle up Nikki!” he says to me in his peacoat, woolen scarf, hat and gloves. Then me in my sexy coat and half-gloves…no hat…”Nah, its cool.” We’d set out every day in this manner, on foot, ready to go see the sights. I just wanted to let my ‘wash & go’ be great. #FrosBeforeClothes right?

At any rate… it’s 2 weeks later and to celebrate the end to my persistent yet unproductive cough, I released my hair from that ratchet bun, washed (twice), styled (twice) and got this-

Fros Before Clothes

True story.

Two mornings ago, I sat on my bathroom floor surrounded by shiny new bottles and jars of ish I wanted to try.  I sat there, seriously, for like 30 minutes, reading labels and reviews online, looking for the next best thing in curl creams and out of frustration, ended up using old faithful, Curl Junkie’s Cofee Coco to wash & go.  I allowed it to airdry throughout the day, but wasn’t at all pleased with the results.

It was now 11 pm. I’ve been battling insomnia lately, so I was up and anxious. I decided I wanted to revisit the dry Twist-n-Curl.  I tried to reason with myself… that re-washing, blowing out and twisting would be a task best left for morning, but I slinked into the bathroom, Gia sleep, Hubby distracted in the other room (I knew he’d talk about me), and re-washed my hair.  I didn’t get in the shower again, I just kneeled over the tub, saturated my hair with water, conditioned again and rinsed.  I allowed my hair to dry a bit in a t-shirt while I hunted for my blow dryer… the one with the comb attachment.  Things went pretty quickly after that–

– I applied Qhemet’s Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee throughout to moisturize my situation
– I applied Ouidad Mongongo’s Oil throughout to protect my situation
– I blow dried in sections to achieve a ‘Diana’, not a ‘Brazilian’.  If I get my hair too straight, it won’t hold a set and the volume will be M.I.A.
-I sectioned my hair into two.  Using my finger to part from ear to ear, I now had a front half and a back half.  I secured the back half with a clip.
-I applied a little more Moringa Tree to the front section and proceed to chunky two strand twist toward my face.  I ended up with 6.
– I did the same with the back section only I twisted down toward my neck.  I ended up with 6 twists.  So in all, I had 12.
– I lightly spritzed all of my hair with the MopTop refresher, concentrating on the ends and rolled the last 3 inches of hair on flexi rods… two twists per flexi because I could only find 6.
-The next morning, I excitedly released, fluffed and took no less than 50 pics of myself, of which only 1 would be ‘right’ and shared.

That’s all folks!

p.s. This time 4 years ago I was in Washington D.C. amidst all the pomp and circumstance… waiting on the parade line with Hubby and Syl to catch a glimpse.  And I did, and it was totally worth the frost bite.

p.p.s. Happy MLK Day!  What are your plans to commemorate his legacy?

p.p.p.s. I’ll have a full review of Qhemet’s Moringa Tree (gifted) soon… the consistency was initially off putting but the moisture it provides just won’t quit. I’ve been using it on Gia too.

p.p.p.p.s. ‘Better Than Good Hair’ is almost here and I need your help!

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