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LOC Method for Moisturizing Winter Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Figuring out how to keep our hair soft and moisturized can be a challenge. In the winter, the air is drier, and the harsh winds can give our curls and coils a beating.

Over on the CurlTalk forum, curlies are discussing ways to ensure the moisture stays locked in. Does multiple day hair without remoisturizing seem like a distant dream? Try the hair product-layering combo of liquid, oil, cream — aka the L.O.C. method — to keep your hair soft this winter!

The LOC Method

  • First apply water (or a water-based leave-in) to moisturize the hair.
  • Lightly seal that layer with your favorite oil.
  • Next, seal that with a butter or cream and style.

The idea behind the L.O.C. method is that each layer seals the one before it. Many of you say this method is great for sealing in the moisture and achieving multiple day hair without re-upping on product application during the week.

Natural Hair Tutorial: The L.O.C. Method
by NaturallyDemure

Variations of the L.O.C. Method

Achieving super soft hair status might be a one-take success or a process of trial and error because there are variations of LOC method. After perusing forums, blogs and videos, here are a couple ways we noticed people use the method to moisturize their hair:

  • Liquid leave-in + oil + oil-based cream or butter like a DIY shea butter mix or Karen’s Body Beautiful Butter Love
  • Liquid leave-in + oil + water-based cream or butter like Darcy’s Botanicals Avocado and Honey Twisting Cream
  • Liquid leave-in + oil+ gel styler for a wash & go

The common factor between these variations is that, unlike many naturally curly hair routines, sealing with oil isn’t the last step. Usually after applying leave-ins and stylers, we seal the length of our hair or just our ends with oil. The L.O.C. method doesn’t stop there. For some people, that extra step keeps their hair moisturized longer.

Those with thin, fine, or naturally smooth-to-the-touch coils may find that this method weighs down their hair. Through trial and error, all hair types will have to figure out the right amount of product that their unique head of hair needs.

If you’re interested in trying something different in your hair routine this winter, consider the L.O.C. method! When first testing it out, remember a little product goes a long way.

For more, check out Jackie’s LOC method!

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