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Curly Nikki

Three Habits That May Be Damaging Your Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Three Habits That May Be Damaging Your Hair

Does your hair feel like a brillo pad or look a bit parched? Do you wonder why your hair does not retain moisture… or why it appears to be unhappy?

Here are my top three silent killers:

•Towel Drying
Towel drying creates breakage and will leave your hair feeling misused and abused! It will create a fro of frizz and unwanted fluff. Your hair is already in a fragile state when it’s wet… so show it some love… blot it using a t-shirt, let it air dry, or invest in a microfiber towel.  I blot my hair with a super soft cotton t-shirt and it works wonders! I get out of the shower and do a shake out. I then use a super soft cotton t-shirt to blot my hair so that the drying process can go a bit quicker. Stay away from blow dryers… they are highly volatile and dangerous *_*!

•Brushing and Combing
When you brush and comb your hair (especially when it is wet) you are pulling at the cuticles which causes breakage. Use your hands to comb through your hair. The key is to be as gentle as possible especially when it is wet. My hair is enormous… and finger combing is not my favorite but it works! It takes me longer to get through it but I am seeing results!

•Frequent Deep Cleansing 
Frequently washing your hair can dry out, dull, and damage your hair. It strips away your hair’s natural emollients and oils. Your hair is in a vulnerable state when it is wet, it’s easier to break, and more elastic. A solution to this would be using apple cider vinegar. The use of apple cider vinegar works wonders! It creates shine, removes buildup, and detangles!  Personally, I do not use shampoo, I use a deep conditioner and I use a product called Hair Doctor from Lush. It is filled with natural goodies that enrich the hair with love, leaving my hair feeling soft, light, and moisturized.  If you need to shampoo, steer clear of sodium lauryl sulfate and seek out cleansers that utilize a gentler detergent like Cocamidopropyl Betaine.

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