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Why You Need a Transitioning Buddy

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Why You Need a Transitioning Buddy

Considering transitioning?

When you decide to transition from chemically-treated hair to an all-natural style, there are all kinds of obstacles that might arise during your personal journey towards a thicker, fuller, curlier version of you.
We have you covered with some of our best tips on transitioning to natural hair this year and also how to deal with hair envy once things really get going, but sometimes the best way to get through a period of transition is to get a buddy.

Brainstorming buddy

Having a transition buddy can help you generate new ideas, hip you to new types of products and keep you motivated.

Like a workout buddy, transition buddies are excellent for keeping you accountable for your haircare regimen, and also offer emotional and moral support. They help you from just thinking about it to finally going through with the big chop, to the months and years later as you are not only getting familiar, but becoming comfortable with the natural texture of your hair.

Support system

Transitioning is a physical as well as psychological transformation, and there may be times when you just need some encouragement and perspective to keep going from someone who understands exactly how you feel about your curls and coils.

Sharing the highs and lows of your progress, from awesome compliments from strangers to vulnerable moments like bad hair days, is the key to creating the type of bond you need from your buddy.

Virtual buddies

None of your friends are transitioning right now? Start the trend! Thousands of potential transitioning buddies are now at your virtual fingertips with all of the blogs and message boards (hello CurlTalk!). Once you’ve found someone you connect with, you can share photos, swap style secrets and chat online about your wins and woes.

Whether you choose someone in-person or online, you want to find someone that is dependable, consistent and just as dedicated to the long-term commitment of growing their natural hair.

Do you have a transition buddy? How has it helped you during your transition?

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