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28 Days of Giveaways!- The Q-Redew

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
28 Days of Giveaways!- The Q-Redew
Hola Chicas!

This is day 6 of my ’28 Days of Giveaways’!  Today’s prize?  The Q-Redew – the first hand held steamer.  It has received rave reviews on the interwebs by wavies and curlies alike. Here’s the description provided by the manufacturer:

“The Q-Redew is a handheld hair steamer that quickly and naturally enhances, rejuvenates and reshapes hair using warm mist. Used on dry hair it boosts volume and texture in minutes and leaves hair dry. 

Use For Afro Textured Hair- Does your hair feel dry, but no time to deep condition? Think of the Q-Redew as a mini-steam treatment to restore moisture between cleansing and deep conditioning treatments. Apply the steam where you need it followed by your favorite sealant to lock in the moisture. Q-Redew before bed with twists or braids, and wake to softer moister hair. Also use the Q-Redew to reshape, restyle, and boost the volume of second day hair. Excellent for refreshing a Wash n Go, TWA, or hair in a protective style.”

It’s important to note that I never jumped on the hair steaming bandwagon. I was gifted a Huetiful Steamer and only used it once before gifting it myself. Mostly because it was cumbersome, but also because Gia had just shown up on the scene (I barely had time to take a shower, let alone steam my hair). Fast-forward a bit. A few months ago I was gifted the Q-Redew. I’ve only used it twice- once for steaming and once to see if it would revive a flattened out wash&go. What did I learn? Used as a steamer, it’s pretty dope. It left my hair noticeably soft and my biceps burning, lol! Used as a styler, yeah… no. Not for my cottony hair type. At any rate, I like the portable size (think big ass blow dryer) and believe that it will be very useful for (1) the frequent flying curly that craves the warm mist, and (2) curlies that lack the storage space for a traditional steamer.

Is steaming an essential step in your wash day routine? What benefits have you observed? 

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