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Master Moisture Mix- Natural Hair Recipes

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Master Moisture Mix- Natural Hair Recipes
by Natalie Phillip of Three Naturals

Have you ever wanted to have a multi-purpose natural mix than can be used for the entire family? I have recently concocted (by trial and error) a Master Moisture Mix that works wonders for me and my family. I am never disappointed with its use as a moisturizer.

We use it to moisturize dry or damp hair, both natural and relaxed, leaving hair shiny
and soft. My mom noticed that it reduces breakage of her hair when she is due for a relaxer. It also gives an amazing twist-out/braid-out. We use it on our baby’s hair as well. We combine it with our regular body lotion for extra moisture especially as the cold weather approaches. Due to the high content of oils used in the mix we avoid the face.

It does wonders for feet, elbows and knees. We use it to quickly repair our baby’s dry skin after a diaper rash. We get results after a couple applications. We mix it with the baby’s body lotion as well for daily use.

We use it on chapped lips from the cold weather or while sick and it restores moisture, repairing the skin quickly. I’m sure there are many other uses we have yet to discover or ways that the mix can be tweaked to be even better. It’s still a work in progress but for right now, it does the job.

Making The Mix

Firstly, I apologize because all the ingredients are added freehand. Supplies include…

  • Shea butter (solid state)
  • Liquid Coconut oil and any other oils
  • Fragrance oil (optional)
  • Jar(s)
  • Hand mixer
  • Knife for stirring
  • Deep bowl

1. Whip the shea butter (from its solid state) with the hand mixer until it becomes very light and creamy. You need a deep bowl as the shea butter does quite the dance until it softens.
2. Add the castor oil and fragrance oil. Continue whipping until everything is blended completely. Add any other oils you prefer as well.
3. Prepare the jar(s) by pouring a large amount of liquid coconut oil into the jar(s); about a little less than half the jar.
4. Manually and gradually stir the shea butter mix into the coconut oil with a knife until it is blended completely. Start slowly then increase the speed as it blends together. Keep adding the shea mix and blending until the jar is full or until the desired consistency.
5. Let it stand for a few minutes as the consistency will change slightly. The end result should be a light, fluffy, moisture filled mix that can be used for everything. Note than when using this mix, a little goes a long way.

Give it a try if you’re willing to try something different and please feel free to come back to let us know how it worked for you or how you tweaked it to make it your own. We look forward to hearing some feedback. Hopefully I’m not just late on this amazing find.

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