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Curly Nikki

Get ‘Better Than Good Hair’ TODAY! This Is It!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
This is it. 
I need you gals!  Why? Because I want us to make waves. I want us to be the norm, mainstream. Never should we lose our individuality – but at the same time we should be wholly identifiable as those women who said “You know what? I. Love. MY. Hair.” Numbers are what matter here. I told you before – the world is watching.

This post is like that moment in many Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episodes when Will looks directly in the camera, or the camera zooms out and you see the studio. Completely transparent.  So who’s going to be my DJ Jazzy Jeff banging on the drums?!

So if at some point in the future you’re planning on buying a copy of the book for your co-workers, your sisters, your momma, your babysitters, your mailman, your milkman, your pushaman (if you’re into that kind of thing, lol), or your best curlfriends, please do so before TOMORROW NIGHT! This is the only time that counts (and print copies are the only ones that count)!

You drop the mad beat and I promise we’ll hit the running man together.

Get 'Better Than Good Hair' TODAY! This Is It!

Check out my interviews with Steve Harvey and Russ Par where I discuss the book and why I’d appreciate your support-

Listen to my Steve Harvey Interview

Listen to my Russ Par Interview

Also, Amazon dropped the price of my book to $8.99! But the SheaMoisture coupon u get for buying it is still $10! #dothemath #getthebook #btgh
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