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Curly Nikki

No Heat Blowout for Natural Hair Styling

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
 Alodia18 shares how she achieves stretched hair without reaching for the blow dryer- 

Have you ever ‘wrapped’ to stretch your natural hair? Share below!

CN Says:

*circa 2000* I vividly remember the cuss words that would fly… the brushes, combs and hair pins that would escape my grasp… the burn in my biceps and fragile emotional state… all brought on by my gross incoordination and inability to wrap my freshly heat styled hair.  I just wanted to go to sleep, and yet I found myself in the bathroom for 30 minutes, defeated, re-starting what I knew would be another failed attempt.  And my hair was straight! So I can’t imagine the frustration that would ensue while attempting to wrap my highly textured locks. But Alodia’s results, tho.  It may be worth the f bombs. 

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