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Curly Nikki

Go Natural Spain!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Go Natural Spain!

Every once in awhile you see something that inspires you. You meet someone, or see a piece of art that makes you get up off of your behind and take some kind of action. Or sometimes you’re a blogger who just needs a vacation, and you know these really awesome women who embody an ideal that you are very passionate about and they want to throw you the most awesomest birthday party ever, and you’re all like “Really?” and they’re all like “Hell yeah!” and then you buy a ticket to Spain because that’s where they are, only you don’t speak a lick of Spanish so then it instantly becomes an adventure! *heaving panting* *catches breath*



I’m going to SPAIN! The land of…umm…Christopher Columbus and uhhh… the Inquisition?
*adds ‘Google stuff authentic to Spain’ to the to-do list* I’m drawing a blank now but most importantly it’s home to these ladies!

Go Natural Spain!

The natural revolution has enlisted a few soldiers across the great Atlantic and after they posted some fierce pics on my Facebook page I had to make the trip over there and make sure I wasn’t getting Catfished! Unfortunately, Nev couldn’t make it with me so I teamed up with Jessicurl to take the ladies some much needed products (as they have very little), bring some attention to the Go Natural Spain initiative, and to party it up for my 30th re-29th birthday! Stay tuned for updates!

Lator Gators,

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