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How to Trim Your Own Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How to Trim Your Own Hair

Whether you’re in the midst of a hair-mergency or you’re looking to save on your salon bills, you may find yourself in a position where you need to trim your own hair. With so many professional methods and the individual needs of your unique curl pattern, learning the tricks of this trade can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we have compiled our list of the most popular methods to trim your hair so you can get the job done without giving yourself an accidental TWA.


Search and destroy

The search and destroy is a great option for curlies who do not need a full trim and just want to do some general maintenance and get rid of pesky single strand knots and split ends. The search and destroy method can be done in two ways. One of the ways to do this method is in front of a cosmetic magnification mirror. Grab small sections of your hair and hold it close to the mirror. The magnified image should make it easier to see any damaged ends. After you’ve identified a damaged section simply trim it off and move onto the next section.

Another method involves running your fingers through your hair to feel for damage like rough ends and single strand knots. Once you’ve felt some damage use your hair shears to trim it off. It is best to do this method whilst you’re doing something like watching one of your favourite shows as it can be time consuming.

Twist or braid method

Another great way to get rid of those pesky ends is to use the twist or braid method. To begin simply separate your hair into small one inch sections and braid or twist those sections. Once done take one twist at a time and trim off the ends- about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch should do. This method is great for curlies with shorter hair who find it difficult to trim the hair in the back and is also good for first time trimmers as this is a fool proof way to ensure that you do not miss any sections of your hair or overtrim it.

Also, remember that the smaller your twists or braids the more accurate your trim will be. Lastly if you’re a curly who normally wears twists or braids then rock them for a day or two before trimming the ends and if they aren’t frizzy after your trim then unravel them for a twist or braid out.

Blowdry or flat iron

This method is very popular amongst curlies with long or thick hair. By straightening the hair it makes it easier to assess the ends and trim your hair evenly as the hair is pulled taut. To do this method simply blow dry your hair using your method of choice then separate a small section of your hair to trim. Place the section of hair between the middle and index finger of your less dominant hand and run them along the length of the section until you reach approximately ½ an inch before the end. Then use your shears to trim the ½ inch of hair below your fingers. Once done separate another section of hair to trim and continue until your whole head is done.

The heat of the blow dryer can be taxing on your curls so make sure you use a good heat protectant prior to blow drying. Also a good blow drying method to use is the tension blow dry method that involves holding the hair taut whilst blow drying rather than running a comb or brush through the hair which can lead to breakage. Also this method can be done when your flat ironed hair is on its last leg right before wash day.

Wet Hair

Another popular method amongst naturals to trim our hair is to do it whilst wet. This method is very easy and all you need to do is saturate your hair with water and apply your favourite conditioner or slippery leave in conditioner. Separate a small section of your hair and thoroughly detangle it then clamp the hair between the middle and forefinger of your less dominant hand and run those fingers down that section of hair leaving ½ an inch of hair at the bottom. Ensure that the section is pulled taut then snip the ½ an inch of hair below your fingers. Continue to do this with other sections of your hair until your entire head has been completed.


  • Always make sure that you use scissors meant for cutting hair called hair shears and that they are sharp.
  • Never use your shears for doing anything else but cutting your hair as that could cause them to become dull and dull scissors tear the ends of the hair rather than cutting it smoothly which could lead to even more damage.
  • When trimming your loose hair ensure that you twist, braid, pin etc the sections of hair that have already been trimmed to avoid over trimming your hair or missing sections.

How do you trim your hair?

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