Longest. Post. Ever. 
This.  This pic right here. 

This entirely embodies my 30th re-29th birthday celebration… let me set the scene.  Actually, let me back all the way the hell up.  We arrived in Madrid at 9am on May 11th, the eve of my burfday, right on the heels of the E.P.I.C. Curl Power celebration in ATL with Keshia Knight Pulliam.  I was tired, hungover, jet-lagged and stiff from that disrespectfully cramped plane seat.  Awanda (our host and co-creator of Go Natural Spain) picked us up from MAD airport and delivered us to our flat in the city’s center.  

Casa de Walton
(our renovated flat within an art gallery!)

We immediately settled in and hit the streets in search of food. We stumbled upon a quaint cafe very close to the flat and ordered some jamon y potata tortilla.  Sinfully delicious!

We then participated in ‘siesta’, or the daily nap… when in Rome 🙂 and before I knew it, it was 6pm. Everything was kicking off at 7.

Let me set the scene- 

The Time: 7:30pm 
The Date: May 11, 2013
The Place: La Comedia- Madrid, Spain
The crew-
The hosts with the most, husband/wife team, and founders of ‘Go Natural Spain!’… Awanda and Alvaro! #PowerCouple
We arrived and were greeted with a beautiful banner, Mojitos and cervezas! 

Do you see all that hurr?! 

by the end of the night, GoNaturalSpain.com’s co-creator, Alvaro, had earned the nickname, ‘Captain Alvaro Sparrows’ because of his shenanigans and an uncanny resemblance to Johnny Depp…or is that Al Pacino…or is that racist? #whatevs #HeSaidItIDidnt

Jessicurl was the official sponsor of the ‘Go Natural Spain!’ event.  I came bearing free products and tons of natural hair care info to administer to the curlies of Madrid. Viva la revolución!

Going HAM at the Jessicurl station!
(left pic) I absolutely adore the ‘exit’ signs here… they tickle me every time because dude is seriously booking for the door… like, ‘get me the hell out of here’ signs. 

the owner of the club + our corn-rowed up photographer!

Drake happened. #TurnDownForWhat
The Time: 10:00 pm 
The Date: May 11, 2013
The Place: La Comedia- Madrid, Spain

And so began the first of two got-dang after-parties. #AndThePartyDontStop #BecauseItKeepsOnGoing #WeStillInThis
The crew scampered down to the basement for a private after-party…more drinks, tapas… and to pose for the camera now, Flick. Flick.

What I wore-
Jacket- Zara
Shirt- Zara
Pants- gifted from ROMWE
Shoes- old pair of Christian Louboutins
Shades- RayBan

Tapas took too long, so the homie Paola (pictured on the left, above) snatched some hotdogs! #WeStealInThis
#ItsNotAPartyUntil #StreetMeat

all black at the white show…
hot potato sunglasses… at some point, everyone in the entire venue had worn them!

Tapas! And they were bomb. 

and of course it’s not a party ’til someone jumps on the table…

#ItsNotAPartyUntil  #Bandz

and….it’s my burfday! Shots shots shots!  
peep hubby getting tired already #NonStopParty
#ItsNotAPartyUntil  #BeerOnYoAnkles 
The Time: 1:30 am or thereabouts 
The Date: May 12, 2013
The Place: Taxi cab confessions… 

On our way to the after-after-party, Chris Brown happened and naturally we #TurntUp 

Alvaro, really feeling it, rolls down the back window and hangs half his person from it, shouting at passerbys and giving high-fives.  Luckily, I was sitting up front and managed to capture the debauchery.  Capt. Alvaro of course lost that hat… it blew away in the wind and his only comment was- ‘it belongs to Madrid now’.  But like 5 minutes later, like 2 whole blocks later, dude on a bike shows up… hat in hand!
 We never stopped by the way… dude just rolled up and since Alvaro was still hanging out the window, he was able to snatch it up, lol. Whole mess. The entire city of Madrid knew us (in my mind) so we were driving extra slow in loads of traffic and everyone on the street was dancing to our music!
Which brings us up to speed with the lead pic–
The Time: 2:15 am or thereabouts 
The Date: May 12, 2013
The Place: Some dope ass club- Madrid, Spain.

haha! I’m not crying for real, but seriously tho… I’m 30, y’all. 
borrowed some guy’s balloon… he was really checking for it too… he took it right back, lol!
There aren’t any photos ’cause I was laughing hysterically, but Alvaro was missing for like 30 minutes. He returned with a flaming bottle of Moët! Yay! As he exclaimed in a heavy spanish accent, “Merry Christmas, Nikki”, he dropped everything. The bucket. The ice. The bottle…but not his beer, tho.  

Unfazed, hubby recovered the bottle and popped it of course, while Alvaro held three glasses for the pouring, one of which immediately fell to the floor. #ItsNotAPartyUntil
Kevin Little happened. #TurnDownForWhat

then this happened! #ItsNotAPartyUntil #BootyButtCheeks
and the homie Paolo got us in VIP!

Bey happened #GetMeBodied #ItsNotAPartyUntil
When we left the club the sun greeted us, but we were obviously ready. #SunglassesAndAdvil 

And that’s all folks!  That was a hell of a start to our Spanish adventures, huh?  Thanks Awanda and Captain Alvaro for the E.P.I.C. night! #ThisIs30Dammit

Make sure to check back in to meet the beautiful ladies of GoNaturalSpain!  

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!!!!!

p.s. Even more pics!

curlynikki's Madrid- Its a Celebration album on Photobucket