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Protein “Pre-Poo” Treatment For Strong, Healthy Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
by Tina Minzu of MissT1806

Understanding the balance between moisture and protein goes a long way in retaining healthy, strong, long hair!

With natural hair, your protein needs are a little less compared to someone with chemically relaxed or colored treated tresses, but nonetheless it a necessity in a healthy hair regimen. When I have talked to people about protein, many have proclaimed,  ‘my hair doesn’t like protein! It left my hair so hard”. I must confess that I thought the same thing at one point until I did further research.

All proteins are not equal! There are varying degrees of protein treatment depending on the condition of your hair – severely damaged hair needs something like a reconstructor, while healthy hair will benefit from simple conditioning packs, all available at your local hair and beauty supply store. Of course, there are tons of home remedies too- using eggs, avocado, yoghurt that offer great benefits as well.

Access your hair before you select a protein treatment. If you are unable to determine the state of your hair, consult a hair stylist/specialist for help. Typically I know I need a protein treatment when I’ve used significant amounts of heat over a short period, or if my wet hair feels limp, cannot seem to hold a style and stretches forever before breaking! I may do a protein treatment once every 2-3 months depending on the state of my hair.  For more info on selecting the right protein for your situation, click HERE.

CN Says-
I use Aubrey’s GPB at nearly every wash (it’s balanced protein) and often add full fat, plain yogurt to my pre-poos.  These two additions to my routine meet my protein needs in a very cost effective way!  

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