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Social Media and Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Social Media and Natural Hair

How social media has contributed to our obsession with our natural hair

by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChic

As much as like I like to distance myself from all things crazy, I recognize that like many of us, I am obsessed with my natural hair. Remember this article? Having social networking sites at our fingertips has allowed us to continue with the frenzy; enabling our hair obsessions.

Impromptu photo shoots allow you to boldly strike super ambitious poses and flaunt disrespectful hair bigness. Whether you’re in the store trying on new clothes for your next haul or sitting in your vehicle stuck in traffic. What’s the first thing you do? Pull out your phone and start snapping pics, obsessive, albeit fly. It gives others a visual glimpse into your day – snap shots of your life, which of course includes your gorgeous natural mane.


It starts out as curiosity being piqued, you know, let me get in on this hype. From Facebook to Twitter and now Instagram, it has become a natural girl’s dream! Dare I say I use my phone more for these activities than actually having an oral conversation. If anyone were to find my phone and peep into my photo gallery at the well over 3000 photos it would wreak of unleashed vanity, but in reality it’s all in the name of #bloglife and of course social networking in general. That’s how it started for me anyway, a platform to showcase my blog. For some it has become the ideal to publicize how wonderful their afro is – you know a little “my hair is better than yours, damn right it better than yours” braggery. Flaunting dope twist outs can sometimes come off a bit egocentric but it’s all in fun. I see it as a healthy diversion from the heavy, serious stuff that adults contend with. Others are simply sharing and offering suggestions on how to achieve hair greatness which is always inspiring. Sharing new products and experiences in true networking fashion is always appreciated.

But really, how many pics can one take of your coils? Wet hair, dry hair, shrunken hair, stretched hair – oh yeah, don’t forget nighttime, turn’t up hair, date night hair and work hair. How many audacious but carefree images, all deemed worthy of public display, can one post? I, myself have become all too familiar with the infamous #bathroomselfie – translation; a picture of yourself taken in the bathroom. I mean why not? The bathroom has the best mirror and it’s the one place we all visit multiple times throughout the day.

What’s your take ladies and gents? Has your natural hair obsession stepped up with the hype of social media? Could you go a day without snapping a pic?

Sharing hairstories and life experiences from a curl’s perspective. Find Tammy at her blog, Curlychics, on Twitter, and Facebook.

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