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Tired of Protective Styling…

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Tired of Protective Styling...

by Alicia James of

I have been natural for over four years now and protective styling can be a bit boriiiiing at this point. I know the benefits of wearing them, but I also like to enjoy my hair. During my journey I have been really big on wearing two strand twists. They’ve helped me to maintain a low manipulation regimen and also retain length.

At this point, I am working on balance within my hair regimen. I want to be able to wear my twists, and also be able to wear my hair loose.

Here is a simple way I combine protective styling, low manipulation, and have a little hair fun!


  • After my hair is freshly washed I put my hair in about 24 two strand twists. 12 twists on each side.
  • I wear the twists for about 3 days. After 3 days I take the two strand twists down, and wear a twist out for 4 days until I get to wash day. Throughout the week I wear the hair down a couple of days, and also bun the hair up.

One of the benefits is you get a long lasting twist-out. My twist-outs always last longer when I leave them in for a few days. It’s also great when you do them on wet hair. I use heat, so I like to add a little shea butter to help set my twists. I do not have to re-twist my hair at night. I put my hair in a high ponytail or bun and use a satin cap. This is great, because even if you are not protective styling, your twist-out can be a great low manipulation hairstyle.

The best thing for me is, I still care for my hair, but I also get to enjoy the work I have put into my hair. It’s all about balance!

How do you balance your hair regimen?

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