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5 Steps to Create a Hair Regimen

By January 27th, 202117 Comments
5 Steps to Create a Hair Regimen

by Tammy of Curly Chic

1. Start a Hair Diary or Journal
Writing a diary may sound a little “High School” to some but it can really be helpful in your journey. Documenting and maintaining the products you’ve used and the results they delivered will help you keep track of what your hair likes. You can set goals and log results, good and bad.
Does your hair like oil based or water based products best? Do certain oils do nothing for your hair? This will aid in your quest for the perfect product combination.

2. Assess your lifestyle
Do you work out daily? If so, what time of day do you work out? How often do you shampoo? Is your evening hectic? What’s your work schedule? The answers to these questions will help you decide what hairstyles are right for you and when they are appropriate. Wash and gos might be better if you are short on time but still want to look fly. Twist outs may be the answer for you if your days are full of laundry, burping babies and running errands. The prep time may be a little longer but the results can be rocked for several days at a time.


3. Research
Read the blogs, talk to your hair stylist, network with others who are natural or who are headed in that direction. There is a wealth of information out on the web regarding what products to use for your hair type and when to use them, where to buy them, etc. Suggestions on hair tools to use, books on healthy hair, seminars to attend, you name it, its out there! Google is definitely your friend!

4. Try new hairstyles
Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and try something new. Maybe you think you only look good with hair off of your face. Try it anyway and maybe add an accessory. You may be pleasantly surprised. I always try new stuff on the weekends when I don’t have work and no evens to attend. That way if it’s a mess, no biggie! I can wash it and start over. You Tube is great for checking out how-to tutorials. Some people are very good about providing step by step instructions. Check out “My Fave YouTubers” tab for a few that I look at almost daily for inspiration.

5. Recognize that building a regimen is mostly trial and error.
You may end up with a ton of products in your arsenal before both you and your hair are happy! But that’s okay! Everything doesn’t work for everyone but having a regimen will get you one step closer to achieving awesome results!

**How did you create your hair regimen?**
Is it working out for you? How do you know when it’s time for a change?


  • Anonymous says:

    For those of you that have tons of products in your bathroom that you're not using…try getting rid of them on freecycle (Google freecycle for more info) or having a product swap party! I've gotten rid of products on freecycle and it was a great way to create more space in my bathroom. And while I haven't been to a product swap party, a good friend of mine says it's a great "free" way to get rid of products and try new ones:)
    Hope this helps!

  • Monica Levy Rowland says:

    I know what you mean bout the trial and error… I have a ton of products…The thing that worked best on my hair believe it or not was made by John Frieda and they discontinued it.. since then I have been really frustrated trying product after product.

  • Yam84 says:

    I agree with you Bree. Every company should give out samples, especially for the pricier brands!

  • thinning hair says:

    You really can't find the right regime for your hair if you haven't undergone the "TRIAL AND ERROR" phase. You might be wanting this regime's result with your hair, but who knows, the other regime may give you the best results ever!

  • Bree says:

    For me it is trial and error and shifting through products after products, but I am still trying to figure out my regimen but getting there slowly but surely. But I wish more brands would do sample sizes though because things can get pretty pricey after awhile, there is nothing I hate worst then spending money on something to find out it it doesn't work for me and that I have no use for it but it is just taking up space in my bathroom

  • Anonymous says:

    I don't have a journal per se but I do write down things I plan to try and the things that work (sheets of paper used as bookmarks in "Thank God I'm Natural")

    Finally I have go to styles for hot and cold weather.

  • Anonymous says:

    I used a hair journal to help me figure out my regimen and styling techniques. I wrote down things to try and the results when I tried them. The journal coupled with research helped me refine my regimen and perfect styles.

    My regimen has gotten simpler over time. It works well and I'm super happy with it.

  • Curly Hairdo Ideas says:

    Great ideas :) I just love the trial and error, and playing with new hairdos. My daughter is only two, so everything is still new! Although I'm already dreading the day she doesn't want me doing her hair anymore – the day she takes over and cares for it herself!

    Anyway, great tips! Thanks!
    ~ Karli from

  • Anonymous says:

    I really liked this because it was all so true. I am in my 8th month of transition and I just started a picture journal last month for my hair and I really wish I had started earlier. This is my 3rd time attempting to go natural and all the online information has helped me make it this far. Trial and error is really true and I experiment with new hair styles on my off days from work too. I guess what I'm trying to say is that all 5 of these hit home with me!!

  • Michelle says:

    Ha! I created my hairstyle with a scrunchie. Poinytails it is! lol

    Seriously though, your hair regimen should be similar to your skin care regimen…Based on your hair type.

    Just like with my skin, I use certain products for my hair type.

  • TheBlessedWestbeauty says:

    Thanks this came at the right time for me. I just started my journal this month..however I just washed my hair yesterday and already my scalp have buildup and is itchy. So I will have to look back and re evaluate what I used even tho it wasn't that much. I guess I should start with the Shampoo??? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.


  • ClosetConfections says:

    These are great tips! I choose my regimen solely based on how much time I have to spend on my hair… which isn't much these days. I've been transitioning for a year now, and my regimen is significantly shorter than when I first started out. I have at least 5 tried and true hairstyles in my arsenal that I can always lean on when I'm pressed for time.


  • Balls Of Beauty says:

    i keep my reggie pretty simple and learned it through trial n error. i do twirk it now n then esp as the seasons change! i've been pretty much consistent for the past 15mths: The works once a week which is: poo, condish, dc and style. refresh with water n oil spritz day n night and oil scalp in every few days!

    totally agree with a hair journal becuz i keep up with what i learn along the way

  • Anonymous says:

    I think you had some great ideas! For the past few years, I have been obsessed with nutrition and exercise! Now I am just as interested in my hair care regimen. I look forward to keeping track of what works for my hair. Thanks for the post!

  • Danielle Reynolds says:

    i feel a little out of place when people ask me how long i've been natural and i say all my life, i grew up in the caribbean by a single father that thought relaxer wasn't worth the money, however it wasn't until 3 yrs ago that i actually learned how to handle my hair. so far my regimen is reallyyy simple. i wake up i shower , i wet my hair , i put herbal essence conditioner in with some olive oil and i leave my house. when it dries it curls up in a big curly fro. i do it twice a week.

  • Anonymous says:

    Definitely agree with trial and error and would like to add that newbies should incorporate new products and/or techniques slowly. Trying 1-2 things at a time allowed me to see exactly how my hair responded it. Also, as my hair retains more length I find that different products and techniques that used to work, are no longer as effective and visa versa, so keep that in mind before tossing a product out.

  • Jenell : BlakIzBeautyful says:

    Great list!

    Assessing your lifestyle is so important because some types of hair need much more time.

    And trial and error is so true! If you dont have an open mind, you will get frustrated.

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