DimpledCurlyGirl writes;

Hey guys! What is a good way to do braid-outs to create big hair? When I was transitioning it was easy for me to achieve this but now when I do it it doesn’t come out nice. Any suggestions?

CN Says;

To make my fine, shrinky hair *appear* HUGE, I style on damp or dry hair to minimize shrinkage. I prefer twists over braids for the resulting pattern, but my techniques are applicable to braid-outs as well!

For damp sets, I allow my hair to dry for 15-20 minutes until it’s 75% (or more) dry. Then I apply product and create 8-10 twists. Fewer twists results in a chunky, voluminous twist-out. Loves it. Also, using minimal product (and light hold creams versus strong hold gels) yields the ‘controlled frizz’ effect.

When I style on dry hair, I apply a teeny bit of leave-in conditioner, pomade, or hair butter in sections and twist… usually 8-10. Big hair every time, especially on day 2! Obviously, twist/braid-outs on blown out or roller-set hair yields the biggest sets, but they also don’t last long.