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Curly Nikki

Boogie Nights Part Deux

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
I’m still posted up in The Lou, and get this, I’ve somehow grown weary of the Imos, the Castles, the fried rice… the Peach Vess’.  So yesterday, thoroughly depleted of essential nutrients and back on the proverbial wagon, I hit the grocery store and stuck to the perimeter- lean meats, veggies and fruits… mostly.  
While unpacking my bounty at Mom’s, the following played out in earshot of Boog, who appeared to be entirely entertained by her Doc McStuffins kit-

Me: Mom, I bought some I.C.E. C.R.E.A.M and some C.O.N.E.S. for after dinner.
Mom: Cool. What’s for dinner anyway? 
Gia: *stands up, hands on hips, brows furrowed* But I want ice cream cone now! I want ice cream first. 
Me: o_O  Really, tho?!

D.A.M.N. I.T. We need a new code.  Later that same day, I could hear her in the back of the house shouting, ‘noooo gamma! like this!’ over that incessant bossa nova beat that was blaring from her recently gifted vintage keytar (thanks Uncle Billy).  When I came around the corner, my grandma, who can barely walk, was standing up wiggling for her life trying to keep up with Boogie who was ‘learning her’ how to ‘rock and rollll’! Classic. Boogie eventually instructed me to put my ‘phone down’ and ‘go crazy!’ Yo Gabba Gabba style, I suppose.  #TheseAreTheTimes

Boogie Nights Part DeuxBoogie Nights Part Deux

Earlier today, I was in the middle of my process wherein I take a gazillion selfies to get ‘the one‘ when I was photobombed by BoogieDown, who was in the process of belting the bridge to Pink’s ‘Just Give Me a Reason’, while dancing with Mort.  She hit that last high note too.. peep the 4th pic.

Boogie Nights Part Deux

Okay, so the hurr- that’s day 3 of a wet/damp set Twist-n-Curl using Marc Anthony’s ‘Stretch’.  I made 12 twists on clean, moisturized, damp hair and rolled the ends on the skinniest flexi rods.  ‘Stretch’ is officially helping me slay my current go-to styles and for that, I’m thankful. And, AND, you can’t see in the selfies above, but Gia’s hair is in two french braids.  Two terribly loose and already slightly fuzzy braids that were put in by… drum roll, please… ME!  Boom.  My first french braids! Apparently all my recent practice with flat twists have given me the much needed wrist action and courage to try and I’m so proud. #IdLikeToThankTheAcademy #CantTellMeNothin

Boogie Nights Part Deux

That’s all my rambles today.  I think.

Later Gators,

p.s. One last ramble, last one, I promise.  I actually shared it on Twitter the other day.

‘Noise canceling earbuds have entirely revolutionized my meditating game. #centeredandshit

Since I’ve been home in STL, I haven’t had the calm and quiet I’ve grown accustomed to in PA and thus, finding a moment each day has been difficult… which makes me frustrated… which makes me angry as hell at myself for being frustrated… which is absolutely counterproductive to the purpose of meditating in the first place.  So, thanks Uncle Billy… for hearing my cries and finding a solution. He gave me the Panasonic ones and they’re earbuds so they don’t disrespect the fro like Hubby’s huge Bose ones do.  Okay. That’s all. 

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