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Everyone Wants My Hair To Be Long, Except For Me.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Everyone Wants My Hair To Be Long, Except For Me.
the homie, Gaye, aka SweetDrk1

by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChic

Out and about running my errands like I do, I almost always end up conversing about hair. Typically someone will approach me in one of the aisles of my fave consumer haven spot, Target. By the time the conversation is over it’s usually a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s fro and each of us dishing the tea on our hair resume. This past weekend was no different as I was feeling especially fresh and care free with my two strand twists, fedora and maxi dress. I was pushing my over packed cart down the toiletry aisle and the cutest, fresh faced woman stopped me and said “I love your twists, are you natural under that hat?” To which I proudly responded, “why, yes I am”. She was rocking the most fierce and bold look ever.


There are those lucky girls who look fab no matter how they wear their hair, doesn’t matter the length or style, they look dope. We all know someone like that, even if they’re only a friend in our head. You know the Solanges and Halles of the world. She was one of them. Her hair was flawlessly styled in a low cut caesar and was a chestnut brown color which was the perfect accent against her skin, the yin to her yang. Her ears were not adorned with large ear candy, only small, elegant studs, so as not to distract from the real candy in the room, her face. As the conversation went on she started telling me how she used to wear her hair the way I had mine and one day had the urge to just cut it all off. She desired a new look and was frankly tired of the maintenance that came with having so much hair. Who can blame her for that one? Just thinking about all the twisting and braiding, deep conditioning and steaming that goes on every week in natural hair households all over the world is exhausting! She went on to tell me how everyone is always asking her when she is going to grow her hair out, not just her immediate circle either, strangers who for whatever reason think natural hair is an invitation to tell you what you should do with your hair. She told me how she never intends to grow her hair out and how it gave her back her freedom and countless hours being slave to some weekly regimen. Our long hair obsession is not unheard of. How many length checks and protective styling challenges do we see every day on the blogs and vlogs all in the name of retaining length? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that if you have “long hair don’t care” length goals, but it’s not ok to assume that everyone who’s hair is cropped or a twa, is lying in a stage of wait. Waiting on their hair to be long that is.

Have you ever made assumptions about someone else’s hair goals based on length?

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