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Grow Long Natural Hair: Habits for Length Retention

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Grow Long Natural Hair: Habits for Length Retention

by Michelle of

3c, 4b, 2a. Hair types.

When it comes to retaining length, sometimes we put too much emphasis on hair type instead of where the focus belongs. Hair practices.

How many times have you looked at one of your fellow naturals with long hair and thought, “I’ll never get my hair to grow that long. My hair type won’t allow it.” OK maybe YOU didn’t think it but trust – many women do.

So let’s put aside hair types for a moment and examine the habits of other naturals that have managed to retain a healthy amount of length. It’s not about what they have. It’s about what they do.


Hair Practices

What do long hair vloggers like GreenHair777, RazorempressKitty’s So Curly, and Barbnaturallyspeaking have in common? Their hair care practices! There are certain things they do and don’t do (me too!) and it makes all the difference.

They do:

* Finger Detangle
* Wash hair in sections
* Deep condition during every wash
* Incorporating protein treatments into their regimens at least monthly
* Seal in the moisture regularly
* Minimize or eliminate heat styling
* Protect the hair at night (sleeping with a silk/satin bonnet or pillowcase)
* Employ low manipulation and/or protective styling

They don’t:

* Comb dry hair
* Brush through the length of their hair (except maybe with a Denman on hair that’s soaking with conditioner)
* Ever leave hair exposed to the elements without some form of protection (ie. covering, sealant)

Making these hair practices non-negotiable can help you retain length as well. Even if your hair isn’t pre-determined to reach waist or tail bone length, you can certainly achieve BSL (bra strap length) – no matter your hair type

Can you think of any other habits of naturals that retain length that I may have missed?

What do you do to retain length? 

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