There are plenty of ways to treat your coils with tender loving care
during all steps of your hair care routine. All the little improvements
we make at each step contribute to the overall health of our hair and to
maintaining and growing that big afro. Healthy hair will grow sky high!
Here are three ways to gently dry your coils after you’ve cleansed,
conditioned and detangled.

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1. Shake or squeeze

Think of your hair like a sponge. There’s more water hiding in there
than it seems, so a quick shake or gentle squeeze along the length of
your hair can remove the excess moisture from your coils. Since your
hair won’t be sopping wet, you’ll spend less time with a blowdryer in
hand (if that’s your lifestyle) or less time walking around with wet

2. Swap that towel for a T-shirt

The cotton/polyester towels we use to dry our bodies aren’t the best
way to gently dry our coils. First, they’re so fluffy and absorbent that
they quickly suck much-needed moisture from our hair. Second, the fiber
is rough and can snag on our coils, especially if you rub the towel
back and forth over your head. Trade in the towel for an old t-shirt or a
microfiber towel
and squeeze firmly and gently, but don’t rub, to remove excess moisture
from your hair. A t-shirt is absorbent enough to dry your hair, but
thin and gentle enough to avoid snags. Microfiber towels are absorbent,
but their surface is not abrasive to hair.

3. Need heat? Use a diffuser

If airdrying your hair isn’t an option and you have to use heat, try attaching a diffuser head
to your blow dryer. Instead of harsh, direct heat, the diffuser will
spread the hot air to a bigger surface area. The force of a normal
blowdryer also moves your coils around and can disturb the curl pattern
if you’re going for a defined wash and go look. You should also use
medium or low heat setting to avoid heat damage.

Anything you’d like to add? How do you gently dry your coils?