by Jamila of CollegeCurlies

Hey y’all! I was talking to my sister the other day, and I asked her what she thought folks would be interested in reading about on a hair blog. One of her biggest challenges with natural hair is finding styles that will last multiple days– she’s got a super busy schedule and can’t be bothered with daily co-washing and styling. She finds that her twist-outs don’t last more than a day, and that she ends up with flat smooshy hair after one night.

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My suggestion is to plan for a three part style:
1) Twists
2) Twist-Out
3) Styled Look (updo, bun, etc).

Day 1


Day 3
I love this routine because I ‘do’ my hair once (two-strand twisting on freshly washed/co-washed hair), and then rock out with simple, quick looks the next two days. You can even stretch this out further by wearing the twists/ twist-out/ updo for several days, which is my usual option if I’m pressed for time during the week.

I usually wear my twists underneath a bonnet for a day, then rock a twist out, and then style it in various styles throughout the week. To make my twist outs last last even more, I’ll re-twist (using a bit of coconut oil) in big, chunky twists at night and wear it again the next day.

I shampoo and deep condition every Sunday, and co-wash in the middle of the week– so this routine works wonders for me, and saves me lots of time and energy. When my three (or four) days are up, I’m ready to co-wash and do it again!
What do you do to save time on styling?