Lori P asks Jamila of For The Fabulous and Frugal:

When I do my twist and curl, the end result is my hair sticking up like 3″ from my head instead of a downward motion like yours..what can I do to fix this? Straightened, my hair is about an inch past my shoulder! Any assistance you can provide will be super appreciated!

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Jamila responds:
This is tricky. Regardless of what you do, your naturally might not lay down flat, which is one of the beautiful curses of wearing your curls the way the come out of your head. If you don’t feel like rocking your Angela Davis with your twist outs, here are a few tips to keep your hair from reaching to the heavens:

  • Flat Twist Roots: Curly Nikki taught me this one (of course!) You can flat twist your roots, coaxing your hair not to stick up.
  • Banding: Check out this tutorial on how to stretch your hair via banding.
  • Product: I’m not sure if this is the answer, but my twist-outs are most defined when I use a libearal amount of product on my hair, and when I style on hair that is soaking wet (and has plenty of time to try). A lot of curlies will style on damp hair (and use minimal product), but what works best for me may not work for you! Try it out. Check out this link as well. 
  • Scarves: After twisting, I usually secure my twists with a bonnet or a satin/silks scarf for bedtime (or if I’m just sitting around alone). This will help your hair “set” laying down.
  • Don’t Fluff! When you remove your twists, unravel them from the ends to the roots. Be careful not to separate the twists too much, which will yield bigger (poofier/frizzier) hair. When I want my hair to have lots of volume, I’ll fluff it with my fingers to make the roots stand up.
Curlies, what tips do you have to avoid a twist-out with a mind of it’s own?