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5 Tips to Get Long, Healthy, Gorgeous Natural Hair!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

5 Tips to Get Long, Healthy, Gorgeous Natural Hair!

by Jessica of

Okay! I’ve finally figured it out. It took me awhile, but after 6 years I’ve discovered how to make my hair grow long and healthy! And if you haven’t noticed, when I say long hair, I always say healthy along with it, because long hair that is dry and lifeless is pretty much worthless. You are better off cutting it off and starting over if it’s unhealthy because it simply won’t look good if you don’t. So this post includes both how to grow your hair and how to make sure it’s healthy.

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Contrary to popular belief, anyone can get long, healthy hair. There are so many myths that certain races can’t grow their hair, but that myth was only created due to all the relaxers and heat we have put on our hair. By following my guidelines you will definitely be able to achieve your length goal!

5 Tips and Guidelines To Long, Healthy Hair:

1. Moisturizing!
Curly/kinky hair is naturally drier than straight hair–this is why Asians, Indians, Caucasians, etc “typically” have an easier time growing their hair. It is more difficult for the oils to travel down our hair strands since our hair is so curly. As a result, our ends hardly get any love! They get dry and brittle and then break off and get split. So we MUST moisturize constantly. And I mean DAILY! I could write a whole post about this, but until then make sure you do by deep conditioning about once a week or every other week. Also, moisturize your hair with water before you go to sleep. Sometimes we get wrapped up in using tons of products to add moisture to our hair– by why not moisturize with pure H2O! Makes sense, right?

2. Eating Healthy!
Our outer beauty is a reflection of our interior. If your body isn’t healthy, then your skin and hair won’t be. It truly makes a huge difference. I can attest to it first hand! Eating more veggies will have a major impact–they help you digest quicker, therefore giving you more beauty energy to go to your hair! I talk more about practical ways to be healthy here.

3. Taking Supplements
There are several supplements that help promote hair growth. The one I take is Biosil. It is all natural and it will help strengthen your hair, which will in turn help it grow and retain length. It also helps the growth of your nails, and contains collagen which helps to prevent wrinkles so that you have beautiful glowing skin! You can order it on amazon for about $17 in liquid form (you’ll get more for your money by buying the liquid form versus the pills because it’s more ounces). It tastes horrible lol but if you put 5 drops in some orange or cranberry juice you can barely taste it!

4. Finger Detangling
This is something else I wish I would have known about ALOT earlier. If you have the patience, DO NOT use combs! Hide them, throw them out, do whatever you have to do! I went about 4 months without even owning a comb at one point, lol! You are probably thinking that my hair was a hot mess during that time, lol. But I actually detangled with my fingers! This prevents sooo much breakage. Our ends are super fragile so combs break them so easily. If you use your fingers you can feel each knot and detangle each one. Yes, this takes a lotttt more time and patience (and lawd knows I’m super impatient), but its soo worth it! I have had a lot less split ends because of it.

I detangle everytime I wash my hair. I divide it into about 6 sections and use TRESemme Naturals Conditioner which has great slip for easier detangling. I will probably post a video about this to show you!

5. Search and Destroy
This is another ‘hair saving’ discovery!  I no longer trim my hair 6-8 weeks anymore. Especially now that I finger detangle, I get far less split ends. So instead of getting trims, I use the Search and Destroy Method. The name basically describes itself.

You literally go through your hair and search for split ends. Once you find them, you destroy them with hair cutting scissors! Mwahaha. Easy right? This way you only cut the split ends that need to be cut and you save your length! Sooo much better than just chopping away with regular trims. And I only do this about every 2 months, and most of the time I don’t even find that many split ends anymore!

So that concludes most of the things that have made a major difference in my hair length and health! I wanted to relay as much info as I could because I know this is a very important subject and at the top of a lot of women’s hair goals. I hope they are helpful and that they’ll help you get the hair length you desire!

How do you maintain length? 

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