by Chai of Back to Curly

Alright, so this might be a bit misleading. There is no fast way to achieve the hair you want, in fact if you hear someone mention this in hearsay somewhere along your natural journey, politely nod and move on. Instead, what you should uncover are the tools you need along your journey to help ease the frustrations, platitudes and welcome the inevitable successes.

I was natural for a little over 7 years before finally deciding to stand up straight, take accountability for how I was treating my hair, as opposed to just ‘dealing’ with it. What’s the difference? Well, before you give me the *side eye* and tell me there isn’t…hear me out.

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Dealing vs. Caring

I’m a stickler for language and using words to encourage and uplift those in the natural journey, which is why I often abhor the use of the word ‘deal’. To just deal with your natural hair means you’re inevitably missing out on the many perks other naturals are experiencing with their Fro’s. Trust me, many aren’t just ‘dealing.’ Granted it takes time, but eventually many do get over the hurdles and begin to value their hair in a way that doesn’t feel overly bothersome or much like a burden.

The art of caring for your natural hair often requires a few trustworthy glances in the mirror, and the ability to be open & honest. Are you doing this for yourself? If so, silence the critics, all the doubts & fears and start an inner dialog. Changing your mindset and approach to how you treat your hair should be a pretty high priority before inspecting the aisles of the local beauty store. Don’t just ‘DO’ your hair, learn to understand why it behaves the way it does, why it might need a bit more TLC than the next natural, and realize there’s nothing more rewarding than when you put in the work & care for something of value.

Be Your Hair’s #1 Fan

One of the many advantages of wearing natural hair today is the ability to stand out. Even with more and more women picking up the sheers and doing the BIG CHOP, no matter the party or event a woman who proudly rocks her natural hair is able to light up a room. The easiest way to grab a hold of that light, is to be your hair’s #1 Fan. Above all the compliments, encouraging nods & even sideway glances, you must value your ‘different’ more than the next person. To be validated by loved ones & friends is a wonderful blessing, but to love your inner beauty, to know for certain “I steer this ship,” and no one else…is when you’re in full control of your journey.To own it, you have to love it.

So to get on the fast track to the hair you want, you have to KNOW what you want. Set things in motion, do the work & commit to a game plan. The end rewards far outweigh any current struggles you may be facing or many of the emotional hurdles you might have to overcome. The fast track to any success story is to remain mindful, open and willing to learn.