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Tips for Smooth, Shiny CurlFormer Sets- Natural Hair Styles

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Tips for Smooth, Shiny CurlFormer Sets- Natural Hair Styles

by Michelle of

Culformers can give you the prettiest curls. From spirals to bouncy waves, a Curlformer set is gorgeous on almost any head of hair.

Assuming you know the basics of putting a Curlformer in your hair, I won’t give instructions on that. The purpose of this post is to provide tips on how to install your Curlformers in a way that provides you with the best set possible (smooth, consistent curls). Here are the tips:

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1- Make sure you have enough Curlformers. So many ladies run out of Curlformers only to have to set the remaining hair with Flexi Rods (guilty!).

2- Ensure you have the right length of Curlformers for your hair. The size (in width) of Curlformers you use determines the type of curl you will get. The length determines if you have a fully curled head of hair or straight ends! If your Curlformer is too short for your hair, then you will have hair sticking out of the bottom. No bueno (gulty again!). It’s better to purchase Curlformers that are too long than too short. Plus, longer rollers allow room for hair growth.

3- Install Curlformers on soaking wet, detangled hair. Yes, you can get away with putting them in on damp hair but for the smoothest set possible, it’s recommended that your hair be as smooth as possible. Your hair can only be completely smoothed when it’s soaking wet. Unless you have hair that’s already bone straight (i.e. relaxed), I wouldn’t put them in on dry hair.

4- For a longer lasting set use a setting lotion, small amount of soft hold gel or styling product that’s meant for holding. I don’t recommend just applying a butter or other curl enhancing product. While the initial result will be nice, you want something that will hold the curl for more than a day. I’ve tried a number of products to set my Curlformers and discovered this after multiple sets.

5-Make sure you install your Curlformers closely to the root of your hair. You will get a better stretch and eliminate puffy roots.

6- Never remove Curlformers until your hair is completely dry. Otherwise, all you will be left with is frizzy hair.

7- Last but not least, do not sleep in Curlformers if you can help it. It’s very uncomfortable and you may decide that your sleep is better than your set and start pulling them out prematurely. I learned this the hard way. No matter how you pull them up or aside, sleeping in Curlformers is a miserable experience. It’s better to install them early in the morning so you have time to air dry or sit under a dryer.

Installing Curlformers is more of a skill than an inherited artform. After your third or fourth set, you’ll be a pro at it. I hope these tips help.

CN adds:
There’s a soft-hood dryer I received from them that helps to move along the drying process.  The best part is that it attaches to your blow dryer, so it is awesomely portable.  I’ve used it once and my hair (on the medium heat setting) dried in 45 minutes.  

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