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Transitioning: Tips For A Good Detangling Sesh

By January 27th, 202115 Comments
Transitioning: Tips For A Good Detangling Sesh
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During my long term transition, there
have been several occasions where I have experienced what I like to call
the triple d’s: ‘Dreaded-Detangling-Days’, which fell upon me earlier
on in my transition. I’m sure I’m not alone in experiencing this so I
know you recognise that feeling of having every nerve in your body being
worked beyond belief. Yes – it IS that serious!

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When you are transitioning, detangling requires that extra bit of care
as you try to avoid breakage at the demarcation line (where the new
growth and relaxed ends meet). Although using methods such as; finger
detangling, can help to prevent that dreaded ‘snap’ sound, it can also
be time consuming. Now that I have come to know my hair better, I have
chosen a few tips that I have incorporated into my own hair care methods
that allow me to still finger detangle, but have reduced the amount of
time it takes to do so:

Avoid wash & go’s
I found this out later on in my transition. The times where I had washed
my hair and allowed it to dry loosely or, tied it up in a pineapple
while it was still wet, would lead to disaster. You see; the relaxed
ends of my hair would become matted together as my hair dried, which
meant that I would be left with a head full of knots by the time wash
day arrived. Not cool. So what can you do instead of a wash & go?
For me, the best option is to dry my hair in around 5-6 twists/braids

Flat Twists
Throughout the week I put my hair into 5 flat twists every other night/2
nights to stretch out my hair, which has significantly reduced the
amount of knots I encounter. The nights I don’t feel like re-twisting, I
leave my hair up in a bun so that my relaxed ends are not left out to
knot together while I sleep.

Creamy Conditioner
Having a really thick and creamy conditioner on hand is a must for a
smooth detangling session. It helps your fingers or/and wide tooth comb
to glide through the hair easier and help loosen any knots. After trying
a few different products, Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner,
is the business in my book! This combined with ensuring that your hair
is drenched in water, will aid you in getting the best detangling

Stay Moisturised
Keeping your hair moisturised throughout the week will help in
preventing the relaxed ends of your hair from knotting together. Make
sure you find a product that will help you in avoiding dry hair, as hair
can become very fragile and prone to breakage when it is detangled in
such a state.

Sometimes it can help to prepare your hair for your detangling session
by pre-pooing the night before. I separate my hair and spray it with
water, then use either Vatika, Amla or Olive oil on my hair to twist
each section until I end up with 5 or so twists in my hair, then put on
my shower cap. This leaves my hair nice and soft by the time I’m ready
to wash my hair, which helps with detangling because my hair is already
sectioned off.

So these are just a few methods that have helped me to avoid a bad
detangling session, and they have taken my detangling time
down, prevented those sore arms and most importantly; looked after my
hair. I hope that they may be of some use to you if you ever find
yourself in the same boat!

 How have you improved your detangling sessions?


  • Shashou says:

    Word. A wash and go is a big no no. I def tangled in the shower. Even now being a full natural I still only detangle in the shower. Once my hair has change to start to dry it is so much more difficult to detangle. I've been able to get my hands on Carols Daughter co wash conditioner and need less to say its AMAZING.

  • CurvyCurly says:

    This article was right on time. I'll be sharing this and all the helpful comments with my friend who's 10 months into her transition. BTW, Tresemme Naturals Nourishing conditioner is one of my staple products and I've been fully natural for over 4 years. I discovered it several months ago and absolutely love it. #GetSome.

  • Imani Monroe says:

    I must agree that braid out make De-tangling much much much easier I try yo keep my transitioning hair out and moisturized during the day and braided down during the nights I still finger De-tangle in sections actually quite quickly

  • Sydney Brown says:

    I always finger detangle prior to applying my pre-poo and I think this initial step has been saved me. That and finding Tresemme's Moisture Rich Conditioner. This conditioner is super slippery and once combined with water it makes detangling a breeze. I always go through a section with my finger first and then I pull out my Ouidad double detangler to finish the job. Keeping the hair soaking wet while detangling also will help things to go a lot smoother.

  • Derika says:

    I'm 6 months into my transition and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to detangle my hair. I've tried a prepoo and detangling with conditioner. Both are pretty cool so I guess I can alternate between both methods.

  • Kimberly KaleidoscopicSoul Eph says:

    i Really love this article , this is a great help im still a newbie transitioner but ill make note for those dreaded detangling days …. thanks for the helpful article

  • Gwenn4ya says:

    I really love this website! I learned alot from here over this year. I have tried a few conditioners and some worked but most did not. I know that a pre-poo with coconut oil or evoo helps alot. I love the really creamy conditioners. They really help me with the detangling process. I also use my fingers to detangle at times, but I can honestly say I love my denman. I feel like my hair is poofy on the ends even after a trim if I don't use my denman. The only time I can get away with that is if I am using my fingers on already dried hair, but trying to remoisturize. Then and only then will the finger method work.

  • ss says:

    I guess I'm gonna have to purchase the Tresemme. ;-) I wanted to stay on the natural (no 'cones) bandwagon, but haven't found my natural HG detangler for my kinky coils yet. I even purchased guar gum powder in an attempt to make a homemade detangler. It didn't quite give me the slip I was searching for. Right now I'm using Kinky Curly Knot Today, which I give 4/5 stars. It's not perfect, but it's better than nothing.

  • Miss Bee says:

    Pre-poos!! Helped me alot during my transition. Great article, as usual!!

  • Megan M. says:

    I found Tresemme Naturals my detangling session were cut in half it surely is the business. Also prepooing helps as well especially when I use coconut oil or olive oil by making my hair soft and manageable.

  • Brittany says:

    Tresemme Naturals is definitely THE BUSINESS!

  • NJ Johnson says:

    I apply my pre-poo to my new growth like I would a relaxer and
    The detangle with distilled water. Also started shampooing in
    Sections. This really helps with detangling and the amount of
    Hair in my comb! Can't forget the deep conditioning!!

  • Miss Anne says:

    Thanks so much for this. My last detangling session was a #uglycry nightmare!!! I'm coming up to 8 months transitioning and as the hair grows, my relaxed ends get on my nerves!!! I'll defo be trying this method of pre-pooing and twisting them with some evoo the night before. Should soften them up a bit.

    Transitioning tips rock!!!

  • Curlie_LadieBugg says:

    thank u for those tips, i basically use the same method minus the pre-poo…but i am definitely gonna try the pre-poo and see how it works for my hair again thanx

  • Davina916 says:

    I section my hair, I add conditioner, and then I finger detangle.

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