by Noni of Three Naturals
Ever felt like your hair’s stopped growing? Ever felt that you’ve reached your ‘limit’?  As I write this post I totally feel like I’ve reached my hair zenith. If there is such a thing. I feel like I’ve exhausted all my hair growing ability and the length that I’m at is where I’ll always be from here on out.
That’s so dramatic right? Thank God that there’s a difference between feeling and knowing.
Whenever I get into this funk of feeling I have to remind myself of what I know to be true.

– I know that as long as I’m alive my hair is essentially always growing. Just like my fingernails, just like my eyebrows, just like my leg hair…

– I know that length retention and the ability to ‘grow hair’ are not the same. So yes, my hair’s growing but am I taking care of my ends?

– I know that because I don’t keep a photo journal of my hair I can’t truly measure progress with any great accuracy.
And so on.
Once I’ve repeated that in my head a few times I see that I am being dramatic and I calm down. And then I remember that it’s just hair and 2 weeks ago I was contemplating cutting it short. And then I shut up.

Sometimes situations in life can threaten to totally overwhelm you. They can have you thinking that you’re extremely exhausted and at the end of yourself. Or that there is no end and you’ll be stuck wherever you are forever. When you start to reason with this ‘stinkin thinkin’ you’ve got to separate what you feel from what you know. Remember that feelings are fickle but knowledge is steadfast.
The more truth you know the better. So, regarding hair, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and discouraged about your progress, or you’re just plain curious about hair growth you can start your information gathering with some of these extremely helpful online resources:

KimmayTube’s Structure of Hair series on youtube.

The next time some disillusion tries to sweep your brains, now, you’ve got some facts to use in combat against it.

Have you ever had the felt that your hair wasn’t growing as it should? How did you get over the hump?