CurlyConundrum shared her recipe for a DIY pre-poo, and it’s super simple and effective! With just two ingredients, you can “deliver a blast of moisture to your scalp and hair.” She finds that it helps to untangle curls, as well as protecting your hair from being stripped of natural oils.  Peppermint oil stimulates the scalp to promote growth while coconut oil nourishes, reduces hair fall and detangles.

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What You’ll Need
coconut oil 1 – 2 tbsp (olive oil works too)
peppermint oil 5 – 10 drops

Thirty minutes prior to showering, wet your hands with the mixture and rub it into your scalp and hair from roots to end. You can also leave it on overnight for a conditioning treatment.

If you try this recipe out for yourself, be sure to leave a review and let us know how it worked.