So after a night of shenanigans and dranking, (#PourItUpPourItUp #DrunkInLove #WeBeAllNight), we rented a car because there is so much ish to see and none of it is in walking distance, nor within budget to rent a cab everywhere. After we gathered ourselves and headed down to the garage to check out the car we had delivered, Hubby took a minute to prepare himself to drive on the other side of the road. It’s a bit disorienting, especially with the hint of a mild hangover, but after a few practice laps he was beasting these streets!

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We took a trip to one of the most scenic beaches, a relaxing one hour drive that was interrupted only by (my) anxiety and 50-11 reminders to hubby to keep to the right side and slow the hell down. #FatherBeAXanax

But it was worth it, tho!

#TellEm #IWokeUpLikeThis #IWokeUpLikeThis

When we got to the beach I was so excited to see all the penguins which are native to South Africa as well as Antartica, Australia, and South America. They were just wobbling around with their cute selves and I wanted to run into the middle of the crowd of them and play like a 5 year old. What stopped me was several menacing ass signs that had me shook, so we kept our distance. Apparently happy feet wasn’t based off of a true story. #whoknew.


Had enough penguin pics yet? No? Me neither!  #TheyCuteTho


 They were beefing but they cool again 🙂
oh? My #Crown? Just a little something I learned from Mile. CafeAuLait

Last one! 🙂  He says, ‘bye, boo’. 

Before hitting the highway to head back  we had a little lunch- 

my first time trying escargots!  #Eh 


It’s like 3:00am here and I must retire. I love you guys and will check in ASAP!
Later Gators,

Got another Conditioning Basket!  Want it?  

Below, tell me what you plan to do/try/share in 2014 that you were too scared to do before.  
We must all #TurnUp next year!!!! 
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