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Curly Nikki

Abbreviated Henna Glosses and Curly Fros

By January 27th, 2021One Comment
Abbreviated Henna Glosses and Curly Fros
rolled them twists all the way up tho… 

Hola Chicas,

I’ve managed to henna three times in the last 2 months which is rare ish due to my schedule, the Boogs and the general lethargy.  Before these consecutive treatments, I was getting it in maybe, MAYBE once every three months and due to my genes, the grays were getting quite rude.  With no time to dedicate to full henna treatments, I knew there had to be another way and of course, necessity is the mother of invention.

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So I further abbreviated my henna gloss situation by cutting out yet another step.  This time, I directly added about a tablespoon of henna powder to my conditioner of choice (rather than mixing the henna separately with tea/water and then adding it to the conditioner).

I grabbed a plastic container, added enough Generic Biolage conditioner to cover my hair and mixed in about a tablespoon (give or take) of Red Raj henna powder (gifted from Henna Sooq, love the stuff and will repurchase!).

I immediately applied the light green mixture to my dry hair and since the dye didn’t have a chance to release, I didn’t need plastic gloves.  I threw on a plastic cap and then spent the next 45 minutes searching for my micro heat cap. Never found it.  So I donned an old winter beanie and it worked pretty well to generate and hold in heat (in subsequent applications, I used the heat cap tho… it was in one of the suitcases my ratchet ass had yet to unpack).

I then rinsed in the shower, applied some Aussie Moist, showered, detangled, rinsed and styled. My grays went all copper and after the second and third treatments, darkened up to a lovely brick red.  Score-1.

The mixing, application (goes on like any other deep treatment) and rinsing is almost too effortless and the color is dope.  I’ll probably never do a full treatment again. Totally unnecessary.

So to recap-

1. cop your favorite protein-free conditioner (preferably a thick one that won’t run)
2. mix in some henna powder (1 tablespoon to a 100g depending on your personal preference)
3. apply to dry (or wet) hair. no gloves needed.
4. put on a plastic cap and micro heat cap to heat things up to help the dye release. leave in for 2 hours.
5. rinse, apply another conditioner for detangling purposes, rinse that, and then go about your business booboo.
6. enjoy fuller, slightly heavier, shinier, auburn tinted hurr.

I didn’t find that a deep treatment immediately following was necessary since the Biolage is so moisturizing.  I just make sure that whatever leave-in I’m using, is moisture heavy.  

the result following abbreviated henna glossing #1-

Abbreviated Henna Glosses and Curly Fros

A Curlformer set that I later chunky twisted (12 twists) using Salerm 21 (no water).  I rolled the ends on perm rods.  
Last weekend, after a third henna glossing, I decided to revisit the curly fro with awesome results! After rinsing my detangling conditioner, I applied a hefty amount of DevaCare One Condition, hopped out of the shower and made 12 chunky twists (sealing the ends with shea butter) and rolled each one all the way up the length (not quite to the scalp). I tied it down, went to sleep and…

I woke up like dis…
Abbreviated Henna Glosses and Curly Fros

But forreal tho, I was serving up Napoleon-Dynamite-Perm until I pineappled to loosen thangs up a bit.  Now I’m fresher than a certs up in this mug.  I will definitely be doing bi-weekly henna glossings and may re-introduce this super curly fro situation back into my style rotation!

Later Gators,

p.s. for those that missed me on Steve, here ya go–

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  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks Nikki for this quick process!! Can you use a soft bonnet dryer instead? Ineed to pick up a heat cap….. soon!

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